Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Rebuild - Update 2

Here I am with another update on my rebuild. My 3 weeks off from work started and I'm very much looking forward to progress with this rebuild so I can add my sims back. I miss the actuall playing!
As I'm typing this, I'm loading my game and I plan to add the first 2 families when it's loaded, I'm so much looking forward to that.

On to the hoods now. As I already thought I changed the terrain from Simmeria. As much as I loved that my armybase would be in there, it's just not happening, it was way too big to work with, at least for me.
So I went back to the terrain I had in the old hood, but changed things a little bit.

This is the terrain. When you come from SimsVille you come from the bottom of the map. The long road is SVU, together with the first square and the little road leading to the rest.
All the rest is downtown Simmeria.
When you follow the road leading to the left, you leave SimsVille/Simmeria.

And this is kind of how the downtown-part looks at the moment. I've done some changes since this picture was taken.
On the right of this map is SVU, where I haven't done anything yet.
I plan on adding railroad at the top of this map, leading into Simmeria, but I haven't gotten there just yet.

The view from one of the lots. The lot has been moved to another part since this picture, but I like the look of the buildings in the background.

So this is it for now. Next time I'll focus on SimsVille, which has changed quite a little bit from last time.


  1. Okay, your hood looks more complete now than mine does almost three years after my rebuild, lol! You're making great progress, Tanja!

  2. My plans of reorganizing New Maximiliania have still not come through... Mentally, I keep working on it when I am not occupied otherwise, for instance while on the train to work, but I have not yet started on really doing something in-game.

  3. This is coming along wonderfully Tanja! Yay for time off of work, you could really punch through this and get back to playing! I miss playing too. *whimper* Looking forward to your next rebuild update! Loving the view!