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Verbon - May 2026

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The Verbon 1 Household Profile

The Verbon Family
Olaf is 47, Morgana and Zenzi are 13 and Anthony is 8
(Yin Mokara is 51, Celeste Drayer 36, Marcus Young is 34 and David Mokara and Chelsea Davis are 14)
Narrated by Zenzi

The last couple of weeks Morgana hasn't talked to me, she's mad. When we do talk it ussually ens up in a fight. At first I just let it come over me, after all it was all my fault.
But when days turn into weeks it's time to get over it and act normal again, which she didn't, and now I'm answerring back.
It all started one evening when we went down to 'All for X'. It's just around the corner from our house so dad allows us to stay away a little bit longer.
 It met with David there, and soon we lost interest in all the other things that were going on.
Morgana met with her friend Chelsea as well, and they had a nice time as well.
But when it was time to go home, I was a little bit occupied, and so Morgana waited for me, because she didn't want to walk home alone.
When we finally got home, dad was still awake, and pretty angry seeing we were an hour late.  Since I was my fault, I took the blame for it, but still dad grounded the both of us. According to him Morgana should have done more to get me home on time.
And so Morgana and I are grounded, which she blames me for! She's pretty busy with school and all, and now she can't go to the library to study, which she hates.
She does the most she can with the things she has at home, but still she claims it's nog enough.
I don't like it that much either. Seeing there's not much to do at home, I'm stuck doing my homework, and a room with a sister who refuses to talk to me.
The weather had been great and so dad and Celeste took Anthony to the pool, but Morgana and I weren't allowed to come along.
Anthony couldn't stop talking about it afterwards, so we felk like we were there as well.
I just wished we could have gone with them, or even better could have gone alone with some friends.
Instead I was stuck at home with a sister who leaves the room every time I enter. I'm sure it will pass, it just sucks.
In the end it passed pretty quick, all thanks to dad's birthday pressent he finally decided to cash in. With his birthday in January we gave him a family photoshoot, and he finally decided to get it done.
Dad was pretty excited about it, and kept telling the the photographer (who is David's mom) what to do. You could just tell she wasn't impressed.
Eventually we got to the photo's. And dad had nothing to worry about, you could just tell that she understands her job.
After the photoshoot things went back to normal for Morgana and I. I think you can't be in room with some one an entire afternoon and stay mad at them.
It might have had something to do with the fact dad allowed us to go out again, but I don't mind, I'm just glad she's talking to me again.
Anthony has found a new hobby. He still plays the piano, but now he play basketball as well. I don't know if he's any good, but he begged dad for a hoop in the yard and got one.
Dad's not a sportsman himself, but he still wants to teach Anthony everything he knows, which I doubt is a lot.
He did promiss Anthony to take him to one of Marcus Young's games, when he does his chores around the house.
Anthony is a big Marcus-fan, so he was very eager to do everything dad asked.
And then the big day was there. I doubt Anthony got any sleep that night. He couldn't wait, and talked about it the entire day.
Dad even arranged for Anthony to meet Marcus.
And Anthony even got a picture with his big idol.
Anthony was beyond himself when Marcus came to sit with them in the cafetaria. And again Anthony talked about it so much, like it felt I met Marcus as well.
Dad is still seeign Celeste. I think she's great for him. She comes by our house quite a lot, and even makes us lunch during the weekend.
When we're all around the table together, it feels like we're a normal family again.
She doesn't always come to us. Sometime dad and Celeste need some time to themselfs, and so dad goes to her house instead. He always makes sure to be home for the night though.
One evening dad asked us all to sit down because he had to ask us something. He wants Celeste to move in with us, but not just as his girlfriend but as his wife.
He wanted to know how we all felt about that. He didn't have to worry though. Celeste is nice, and even though she will never take mom's place, she will be an amazing step-mom.
E few days later dad asked her to marry him and she said yes. Dad took us all to the Claudette, a fancy restaurant in SimsVille, to celebrate.

Extra 1:
Some of the pictures from the photo-shoot. I have some of each of them individual as well.

Extra 2:
Celeste Drayer and her house in Simmeria, which I will miss when she moves in with Olaf, because I really love her house!

  • Another ROS in this household. Zenzi rolled the "Sibling rivalry. Fight between siblings"-ROS. Which I had quite some trouble with because she and Morgana get along very well, and I couldn't see her fight with her little brother. So I eventually went with her 'aspiration'. Zenzi is a little bit too much into dating and boys and such.
  • I didn't want to do another engagement, so I wrote it in like this. Olaf really did ask Celeste to marry him though, I just wrote it in differently. I haven't set a date yet, because I don't know yet if I want them to get married this round or if I want them to wait untill next round. When they do get married though, Celeste will be moving in with Olaf and his kids. After that she will get her own profile-page as well.
  • Another made-over house. I warned you I did them all! It stands out in the row now because of the color of the bricks, but I kind of like it that way. The girls share a room, and Anthony has his own small room. There is another spare room, the same size as Anthony's, for any future baby. Because I do want the to have at least one kids! I know Olaf wants it as well, he had the want for another baby last round, it rolled away, but I'm pretty sure he'll roll it again when he's married.


  1. I also like the way the house stands out in the row. It looks great! It was really cool that Anthony got to meet his idol, Marcus. The shot of them together is a great pose for Marcus. And the gym bleachers look really realistic, the way you built them on the rises.

  2. Even close sisters fight sometimes, as I can personally attest to! So it was pretty realistic for Morgana and Zenzi to roll this ROS and equally realistic for it to pass quite quickly. I'm glad they were able to make up. Getting grounded is a fairly minor occurrence, in the grand scheme of things.

    How cute is Anthony meeting his idol! I love that! And I'm excited that Olaf and Celeste are getting married too. I think that will be lovely for this whole family.

  3. The makeover looks great, and I really like Celeste's house, hopefully someone else can move in there eventually. I liked this ROS, and the sibling fight, bickering and disagreements can happen with the happiest of friends/family. You wrote it in nicely too. Glad that they are back to being pals though, and ungrounded. The family portraits turned out nicely.

  4. Shannon I'm glad you like it, I was getting a little bit tired of all those houses being the exact same :)
    I'm also glad you like the sports field, I feel kind of proud about it, so it's always nice when other like it as much as I do.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Carla I can personally attest to close sisters fighting as well! I think getting grounded is pretty hard for Zenzi, now she can't meet her boyfriend, so it's a good one for her :)

    I had to do something with Anthony and seeing he likes sports I had him like basketball :) I'm glad you liked it as well.
    I'm excited for the wedding as well, but I don't think I'll a big wedding, although now that I think about it, they know quite a bit of sims I can invite, we'll see :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Maisie I love Celestes house! I hope I have some one living in it again soon! I wasn't sure about this ROS, but it turned out quite alright. Fights about stupid things happen in every family, so why not between Morgana and Zenzi?
    I hope to get some of those shots framed by next round, so I can hang them on their walls.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!