Friday, September 25, 2015

The Rebuild - Update 3

As promissed in the last rebuild-update, I'll be showing you a little bit more of SimsVille this time.
I'm still liking the terrain a lot! It's bigger than my previous one though, so it takes time to fill it. To be honest I don't think I have enough sims at the moment, and I know I have a lot of sims already. But it gives possibilies.

So this is SimsVille at the moment. The road leading out of the map on top is leading to Simmeria, the one going off the map on the left leads to DimSimTown (which I haven't even started yet).

*** First a warning: this update is quite long ***

So this is the 'north' side of town. I call it the north-side, I don't know if it's really north in game. It's supposed to be the more busy side of town with the elementary school, city hall, some business lots, ... of course there are also sims living there, but that street (the one on top) isn't quite ready yet, but this are the families living there: the Warner family, the Collins family and the Forman family.
The street on the right (but on the left side of the right bridge) is where the Min family lives, and the one with the waterview is where the Belio family and the de Leeuw-Lillig families live.
The part on the right side of the right bridge are just empty lots at the moment. The beachlot there is some kind of campground, still in a building process.

And this is the 'south' side of the town. Here I've placed almost all the lots already, and even 3 streets have names already!

Riverside Road (all the way to the right), with the Penninkmeijers, the Roques, the Landgraabs and the Rai's. I think it's the kind of fancier part of town. I've added 3 community lot (right across the street from the Penninkmeijers) with a riverview; Riverview spa, Riverview Club and Riverview Salon.

The other street I named already is 'Farmer's Way', it's the one on the bottom, and it's also the one leading to DimSimTown. As you may have guessed from the streetname it's the road where my farmer families live, the Gradonni's and the Mertens'. I've also moved the Terrano's and the de Leeuw's there, and I've just finished their houses.

The 2 houses looking out on the beach(lots) are the houses of the Tora and the Spits families. They used to live in Simmeria, but I wanted some more families living in SimsVille, and they seemed like the kind of families that would want to move to SimsVille instead of staying in Simmeria.

I've also kept Farewell Lane, I've had that streetname before and I basically moved in the same families, Mishoen, Zang and Mokara, I've also added the Sels family and the Zanobi family, it's also where I'll build my cemetery.

So this is basically what I've done for SimsVille at the moment. I've moved in almost every family, and I'm busy decorating for the ones who moved into a new house, of the ones who moved in to an apartment (I'll promis I'll put up lot tours soon).
I still have to recreate 1 family, and all my dead sims, but that's not too much work. I did almost all the changes in SimsPe for the families I've already created.
So I think I'm really making progress!

I've decided to not take all of my playable NPC's with me to the new hood. Herman Davis (he was dating Sophie Zanobi) and his daughter won't be in the new hood, as well as Clara Solis  (she was dating Jason Draper) and Erica Marlow (she was dating Morgan Penninkmeijer). I've thought about leaving the Benson's behind as well, since neither of them have any connection with one of my playables at the moment, but they have 2 adorable (blond) kids, who I really love!
The Savage family (Jason, Margot and Vincent) moved in with Margot's parents (the Mertens family), and so Ludo and Mia will become regular playables instead of playable NPC's.

Another change I made is the skincolor of the Terrano family. Stella and her kids all had the alien skintone, which really didn't fit into SimsVille, so I gave them a regular skintone.
And so this is how the Terrrano-family looks like at the moment. Sorry for the spoiler of Enya as a teen, but I already dit my January-birthdays where she became a teen.

I do plan on putting up some lottours of new and old buildings, I hope you'll all enjoy those. As well as I still plan on getting a real update out. My 3 week-holiday is ending this weekend, and I know I haven't posted much, but I've focussed on the rebuild.

I'll be moving in November, so maybe the updates will be even less untill I'm settled into the new appartment, but I'm not giving up on SimsVille at all!

I hope you all like these updates!


  1. Thank you for showing us your rebuild! I think you have done a very good job, and already have achieved a lot in terms of building, moving and recreating. Looking very much forward to the lot tours!
    Also, all the best for your move in November. Exciting times ahead - but hard work, too.

  2. The Terrano's look great with their new skintone, and re-created in a new game! You've done a beautiful job with the trees and neighborhood decorations, and the layout looks so well thought out. Farmer's Way looks like a great little community as you've laid it out. I look forward to the lot tours as well, all of them, but the campground at the beach sounds really neat.

  3. The Terranos really do look great with the new skintone! Stella makes a pretty human. :) And the north side is north if you say it's north. ;) Your game!

    Your game, which is looking fantastic, by the way! I'm so impressed with how quickly you've been working with this rebuild. Mine felt like it took forever.

  4. Oooh I really like what you did with the Terrano family, they look lovely with their new skincolor, and Enya is gorgeous. Your hood is really coming along too, very nicely organized, and really filling it quickly! Good luck with your move in November!