Sunday, May 17, 2015

SVU B - September 2026

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Collins - Zanobi
Finn and Emma are 20, Austin is 3 months
(Sophie Zanobi is 51, Logan Collins is 26, Melina Mokara is 22, Eleanora Roque is 21 and Alana Collins is 15)
Narrated by Emma

Neither Finn nor I ever thought having a baby would be easy, especially with school and work, but I think we're not doing too bad! We both adore Austin, and can't imagine our lifes without him anymore.
Finn has been amazing! His job is rather hard, but he always makes time for Austin when he's home.
Instead of going to the gym, Finn bought this work out at home dvd's, so he can work out and watch Austin at the same time.
On very hectic mornings he even tries to make us both some breakfast, which isn't easy when you're serving it to a chef!
All in all I think we're doing good. I have quite a lot of practical classes, so I can't be home all the time, but I manage to do most of the task and such at home.
I have to admit that I sometimes take a nap when Austing is napping.I know napping doesn't improve my schoolwork, but I just need it sometimes.
There are days when I have classes and Finn has to work, those days we can usualy rely on mom to look after Austin.
I just love her for making time for doing that for us, and I love coming home and finding a clean house and a happy baby.
Finn's family loves Austin as well. They try to spot by every week, to catch up but to spend time with Austin as well.
Alana, Finn's sister, spends all that time on the floor playing with Austin, and you can just tell he loves all this attention from his aunt.
Last time Logan told us he met a new girl. To my surprise this new girl is one of my friends, Melina. I knew she started seeing some one new after she broke up with Matthew, but she never shared much.
I'm glad they are seeing each other, they are both great people, and who knows, some day we might even go out on a double date, but for now we'll just have dinner at home as a family.
Having Austin made it really hard to go out on a date, and of course Finn's job doesn't make it any easier. So we hardly ever go out as a couple.
Seeing we both think my mom already does enough by looking after Austin when we really need it, we don't want to ask her to also look after him if we want to go out, so instead we're having dates at home.
Those dates really aren't much, just a simle dinner and a movie, to be really honest we're too tired to take it any further, but they are special to us.
Sometimes, in between classes, I meet up with Melina and Eleanora for coffee. Melina still hasn't found a job in the field she wants and it's starting to bug her.
Eleanora is graduating this year, and she is still very positive about it all, so she's always trying to cheer Melina up, but I think after looking for almost 1 year, you kind of stop being positive.
I always love katching up with Melina and Ellie, but afterwards I always feel kind of guilty for not going home and spending time with Austin or not spending that free time in my studies, it's not like I have a lot of time.

  • I'm glad Emma and Finn are making it work, and I can definalty see a future for them. I think Finn sees a future for them as well, as he rolled the want to get engaged! I'm going to block it, but I'm not yet giving in, Emma's starting her 3rd year in college, and I think her focus is on that at the moment, but we'll see how she feels afterwards.
    I'm thinking of making Finn a regular playable, but maybe I'll just wait untill they get engaged.
  • Emma's doing fine in school. Her classes and her schedule at the restaurant align pretty well with Finn's schedule, so neither has to drop a lot to make sure there's always some one at home with Austin, but going out together isn't one of the possibilities.
  • Next update you'll see more of Melina and Logan, they are just starting to date but they are doing pretty well. You'll also see more of Melina's job-situation.


  1. Even though they are doing so great, being a woman is just tough-- Emma feeling torn between seeing friends, getting work done, caring for herself (feeling guilty about those naps), and of course, caring for Austin. It is tough, too, not being able to find a job. I feel for Melina.

  2. When she says "napping doesn't improve my schoolwork", I don't agree - she'll be able to focus much better on her tasks after she's had a bit of a rest :-)

  3. Heh, I was thinking the same as Librarian! You can never think clearly when you're too tired - a nap can be really refreshing!

    Anyway, I'm really happy to see an update from Emma and Finn (and Austin). I was just wondering how they were doing when I read your last update. They have a lot on their plates. But on the plus side, only two more years of uni and that'll be at least one thing out of the way. And Austin will be older by then too. :)

  4. Nice to see that Emma and Finn are doing so well, they really seem to have a groove, and a ton of family members that are supportive. Austin is adorable, I can see why the extended family is so smitten with him. Hopefully Emma can let go of the guilt, seeing friends, getting her rest, doing well at school, they are all important factors to a happy Emma and couple. I hope that Melina finds a job soon, that's rough being out of school for a while and no dice, but there are many that go even longer. Hopefully her luck is turning soon!