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Warner - Octorber 2026

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The Warner 1 household profile

The Warner Family
Lawrence is 31, Kenneth is 30, Julie is 6 and Olivia is 4
(Frederik Penninkmeijer is 71, Bianca Penninkmeijer is 66, Sophie Zanobi is 51, Ingrid Lamberts is 44, Xiang Zang is 43, Sya Gerrits is 34, Elisa de Leeuw and Jack Penninkmeijer are 31, Johanna Penninkmeijer is 28, Brent de Leeuw is 5 and Eli Penninkmeijer is 4)
Narrated by Kenneth

 A few months ago the board announced some changes for the staff of the Simmerian Grace Hospital. The biggest thing was that they wanted Dr. Xiang Zang to be more in Simmeria, since he's our best surgeon.
Since Xiang is on charge of the small doctor's office in SimsVille, this meant we had to find some one else to take over that part of his job. Since I'm a general practicioner at the hospital it seemed logical I took over the office in SimsVille.
I talked it over with Lawrence and he agreed with me, that it would be the best option for me to take over the office.
And so a few days later Xiang gave me the tour of the office. He also told me that they expected me to be in Simmeria at least 1 day a week.
So it's up to me to divide my time between the hospital and the office. I can set the office hours I want, as long as the office is open 3 days a week.
The more I saw from the office the more excited I got. This was what I've been wanting to do ever since I knew I wanted to be a doctor.
Because I had to open the office 3 days a week, and Lawrence can arrange his time and work from home, Lawrence and I decided it would be best to start looking for a house in SimsVille.
We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted and because of that we thought it would be a difficult job for the realtor to find us a good house.
Bur Sophie Zanobi really understand her job. She showed us several houses that matched our preferences, and so it was harder for us to decide, than it was for her to find houses we'd like.
Eventually we decided buy this one. It has 4 bedrooms, a study, a nice livingroom, and great garden. The only thing, if you have to say something that is, is that the kicthen is a little bit small, but that's alright, neither of us are great cooks.
When we told the girls we were going to move, they got pretty excited about living closer to their grandparents, and having a house with a decent garden.
The garden is a real plus in this new house. And even though it's fall, and it's getting colder, both girls are spending almost every free moment enjoying it.
They have been very keen to help me and lawrence with the small vegetable spot we planted. They made it their mission to make sure there aren't any weeds.
There are downsides to having a garden, especially when there are trees in it and it's fall.
The kids love these piles of leave. When we had Eli over one afternoon, they enjoyed themselfes an entire afternoon playing in those leaves.
They have an amazing time, and afterwards we could rake them all up again. It thaught us never to leave those piles, but clean them up immediatly.
Living closer to Lawrence's parents has been one of the perks of moving to SimsVille. They are more then willing to look after the kids whenever we need it, and not it's even easier.
Unfortunatly we don't live as close to Jack and Jo anymore. But seeing we lived on the other side of Simmeria, we didn't actually live that close anyway.
So far living in SimsVille has had nothing but positive things. We live closer to Elisa and Harald now, and on his days off Lawrence always makes sure to meet with Elisa.
Our girls get along with Brent very well, which makes those trips to the park a absolute joy. And the kids are exhauted when they get home, so we have a nice evening to ourselfs.
 Now that I don't work at the hospital anymore, I'm not on call as much anymore, so I have more weekends off to spend with my family.
I never used to have a 2-day weekend, but not I have and I love it. Spending time with Lawrence, relaxing when the girls are swimming, it is priceless.
Because of that extra time, Lawrence and I started rethinking about adopting again. Lawrence always wanted 4 children, and I would like at least 3, but we never gotten on with it, because of the small house and the fact that my career wouldn't allow me to be home more.
But now things have changed and we decided that we will be trying to adopt another child starting next year. We haven't told anybody just yet, but we're both very excited about expanding our little family.

  • So some changes in the hospital staff, Xiang who ran the doctor's practice in SimsVille will stop that, and will focus completely on sugery. While Kenneth, who used to be a general praticioner in Simmeria will divide his time between SimsVille and Simmeria, with his main focus being SimsVille.
  • I didn't build their new house, I just changed the outside a little bit. I got the house here.
  • So the Warners now live in SimsVille. In a house that actually will allow them to adopt another child, and give that child its own room, while the girls still have their own room as well.
    I can see them both as enjoying SimsVille much more than Simmeria, and I love this house!
    I'll post a tour later this week.
  • I decided to finally oblige to their wishes and allow them to adopt again. They'll be applying in January 2027, and I'll be rolling every month to see if they will be adoting that month.


  1. Kenneth sounds really excited about the changes with his work! And it is so nice he has more time with family. I'm looking forward to the adoption! Julie, Olivia, and Eli playing in the leaves and weeding was great. So funny, they've made it their mission to keep the garden weed-free-- it seems in that one picture that the weeds are winning!

  2. I love that you worked Kenneth's new job and the family's search for a new home into the update so well. That's a fun idea. And I'm glad the girls were excited about the move too - looks like they're in an amazing place now.

    And squee, another baby! Actually, are they going for a baby or an older child?

    And I didn't realise more than one sim could play in the same pile of leaves!