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Draper - June 2026

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The Draper 1 Household

The Draper Family
Jason is 48 and Lucas is 12
(Gunnar Roque is 65, Ella Roque is 63, Olaf Verbon is 47, Kristianna Spits is 39, Celeste Drayer is 36, Clara Solis is 30, Anabel and Anthony Spits are 13 and Peter Spits and Ross Zang are 12)
Narrated by Jason
Last year I decided to sell my business. Even though I like cakes, I don't see myself serving them my entire life.
With the money I was able to buy a nice house in Simmeria, and so I'm no longer living in an apartment with a small balcony, instead I have a small garden.
Even though the garden isn't that big, the house is very nice. I finally have the kitchen I've always dreamed off.
Lucas has his own room when he stays with me, and I even have spare room, which I made my office.
Lucas was really excited about the new house as well. But I think he was happier about the fact that he could play his music loud without any of the neighbors complaining about the noise.
 Lucas keeps surprising me. I thought he was a very outoging person, but he's always on the phone with one of his friends when he comes over.
I have to admit that he hardly ever brings one of the over to the house, which I don't mind at all. I wouldn't know what I would do with a bunch of teenagers in the house.
Instead they hang out at the arcade or comic book store after school, and during the weekends they go down to the beach.
Even though I don't live in an apartment I have some pretty close neighbors. Gunnar and Ella live ritgh next door to me, and they were the first ones to welcome me in my new house.
They are pretty good people, and I know I can always ring their doorbell when I need something. And they come by quite a lot just to check on me, which is kind of nice.
I also live right across the street from the trailer park, where Clara Solis, my girlfriend, lives. We started dating about 2 years ago, and it's getting pretty serious.
Even though it's getting serious, neither of us have the intention to take things to the next level and move in with each other.
 I stay over at her place, and she comes down here, whenever we want to. She's not interested in moving in with me, and I'm fine with how things are at the moment.
She's a pop-musician, and so the time we spend together isn't that much at all. She's away with her band quite a lot, but she hopes to break-through on her own soon.
We see each other in between her shows. She has to travel a lot for her job, but neither of us mind it that much.
I was glad she was in town to celebrate my big promotion with me.
This promotion was the chance I've been waiting for. I've had my eye on a lot for some time now. I want to sell pre-cooked meals, and now I'm finally able to buy it. I took Olaf and Lucas there to show them around.
They both seemed to like the idea, or maybe they were just onboard because of enthousiasm. I'm going through with this plan anyway.
A few days after the tour Olaf dropped by, because he had some great news. He and Celeste were engaged! I'm so happy for him. He deserves something like this.
I know he loved my sister, but it's been 7 years since she died. It was about time he moved on with his life and found love again.
We decided to meet the next day. This way he could finally meet Clara as well. It was a nice evening. Celeste is perfect for Olaf and I'm happy they found eachother.
And it seemed like Olaf and Celeste liked Clara as well. Which is nice, even though we don't have any plans to take our relationship further.
It seemed like everything was going a little bit too well. I got a call from Kritianne Spits, a girl I used to date. She wanted to meet up with me, and catch up.
She surprised me with her call. All those years ago, she just disappeared one day without leaving a note, and I never heard from her.
But what she told me, blew my mind. Apparently she left me because she found out she was pregnant. Apparently I'm the father of twins!
I got pretty furious at her. I couldn't believe she kept it a secret from me all this years, and comes with it now, 13 years later.
She didn't she me as a father, apparently. I did remind her that I'm a father of a boy who's a year younger, and that I'm doing a good job.
Kristianne only met with me because Anabel and Anthony wanted to meet me. I was still overwhelmed but agreed to meet them.
Kristianne left us to talk, which was a little bit akward. Sitting there with 2 teenagers, who are my children, and I don't know them at all.
Things got a little bit more relaxed when we played some pool, but it still felt strange. I do want to get to know them, but I'm going to leave it up to them.

  • I thought it was time Jason found out about his kids with Kristianne. It was always the plan for him to find out anyway. Kristianne's husband, Richard, always raisded as his own, but Anabel and Anthony always knew he wasn't their father. Kristianne left Jason back then because she didn't see him fit to be a father. She met Richard and they hit it off, got married and about 13 months afther the twins were born, they added Peter to their family. Peter is one of Lucas' best friends. Things are a little bit akward between Jason and the twins, but they just need to get to know each other a little bit better.
  • I have to admit, I forgot that I put Jason and Clara in a comitted relationship last time I played Jason. They roll enough wants for one another so I decided to just go with it. Jason didn't hook up with anybody else this round, so I see them as being quite serious. He's a romance-sim, and she's fortune/romance, so I doubt I'll take them anywhere further. I moved her in to the trailerpark, just because I wanted to, but I don't know if I'll add her as a playable NPC. We'll see about that.
  • I didn't see "Cup of Cake" as something Jason would like doing his entire life. And I didn't like the lot that much anymore. So he sold and, and will open aother store soon, where he'll be selling pre-cooked meals, which is something I see more like Jason.


  1. Cup of Cake was a cute store, and name, but I can see him wanting to try another challenge. I suppose it was time for Jason to find out, I would want to know, if I were a man that is, and unknown children were a possibility. ;) Kind of funny that he's still getting his life in order really, and not fully settled though Clara is cute, and maybe they will have their own romance relationship for the long haul... but he's got these big teenagers for kids that are just getting ready to start figuring out their own lives.

  2. Wow, yeah, I can imagine things would be a bit awkward between Jason and the twins! Imagine just meeting two 13-year-olds and finding out they're yours. I don't blame him for being angry at Kristianne either. She really should have told him earlier. :\

    I can see Jason doing the pre-cooked meal thing as well. I really enjoy doing that with Caleb in my hood and it's fun to see what my other sims have bought when I get around to playing them. :) It's a very popular business!

  3. Wait,what? Twins!?!?! Good gracious good golly! That's a big piece of information that one should have known. Did we get introduced to the twins and their family before? Wow, this should be interesting especially since his son is friends with her son, so she should have seen him a lot and of course thought about his father. 13 years is a long time, seems like it wasn't the plan to inform him but since the twins were asking it forced her hand. I wonder how her hubs feels about the situation since he raised them and now they want to get to know their biological father.

  4. Maisie Since I'm not that creative with naming my businesses, and also since I like the idea of the store, I'm sure that I'll be using it again some day, so it's not lost by this :)
    I've thought about never letting him know, but that didn't seem like a good option, especially since Lucas is good friends with Peter (Anabel and Anthony's half-brother).
    I like Clara, though I don't like she's another black-haired sim. I don't think I'll ever let him settle with Clara though. I see them both as having different priorities in life, and just be together because it's "easy".

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Carla I hope Jason gets a fairly good relationship with his new found kids, but I think we'll just have to wait and see how things will be going between them. I wouldn't be happy to find out this late in their lifes either!

    I think pre-cooked meals are more his thing than cupcakes. I can't wait to see the store in action, but I still have quite a lot of work to do before he'll be able to open it :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Apple Valley You've seen Kristianne briefly in one of Jason's updates, when she got pregnant I made her a playable NPC, because I couldn't see Jason settling down with her. They've been in some of my birthday-posts as well.
    I don't think Kristianne would have ever told Jason if the twins haden't asked. For her (and for the twins as well) Richard is their father. But now it's out at least.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!