Saturday, May 9, 2015

SVU A - September 2026

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Lars Mertens is 21, Morgan Penninkmeijer is 20 and Marlys Zanobi and Steven Belio are 18
(Andrea Zanobi is 45, Dimitri Zanobi is 43, Emma Zanobi is 20, Erica Marlow is 19 and Stephan Belio is 18)
Narrated by Marlys

Classes at university are quite a bit different than the ones at high school. We do have the 'normal' classes, but I prefer the ones where we get to discus things with the whole group.
And I just love all the things I get to learn at the moment. I know you don't need a university-degree to become a fashiondesigner, but I'm getting so much out of this.
I never thought we would get started right away. I was expecting a lot of theoretical classes, and that the practical ones would follow in the next couple of years.
But they are actually expecting us to do it all right from the start, and you won't hear me complaining about that, because I just love it!
I do still have a lot to learn though. The feedback from the professors isn't bad, but it's not too good either.
Apparently I do great in the theoretical-area though. The Simmerian picked one of my essays to publish in their 'Best Essay'-section, and awarded my §370 for it.
I started SVU together with Steven, but we hardly see eachother thank to our classes. We occasionally run into each other at the breakfasttable, but I think that's about it.
It's mostly my fault though, because I have so many practicall classes, and he almost has none. He's in the dorm quite a lot.
He wants to be a teacher, and only the last 2 years of univerisity he'll be actually teaching 'real' kids. But apparently the classes and essays aren't easy.
One morning before breakfast, he came to my room, because he wanted to ask me something. He wanted to tell his brother he's gay, and would like for  me to come with them, as some sort of buffer.
They are twins, and I'm pretty sure Stephan wouldn't hate Steven for telling him this, but I did go with him.
Things went according to plan. Stephan just accepted it, and you could see thise was load off of Stevens shoulders. He did ask his brother not to tell their parents just yet, he wanted to do that himself.
Living in a dorm can be a bit akward sometimes. Lars always has a girl over, and he really doesn't mind some one walking in on them.
I've seen him with only one girl so far, but I've heard stories of him bringing home a different girl every other day.
This year is his senior year though, so maybe he just decided to focus more on his studies instead of focussing on different girls.
Apparently Lars has always been able to combine dating with school pretty well, and his grades don't seem to as bas as any one would think.
The most akward thing about the dorm though, is walking into Morgan. When we broke up last year we both knew it we would be living in the same dorm. I just didn't expect to see him with Erica.
I'm glad he's happy, I just wish he wouldn't be this happy in front of me though, especially with her!
Things became a little bit less akward when we sat down together one afternoon, and he explained to me that he didn't start dating Erica right after our break-up, he didn't think that would be fair on me, but that he did wanted to try it.
I'm glad he told me this, and it's good to know, but it's not going to make things any less akward. I think it would be all different when he would be dating some one else.
After all I'm seeing some one myself, and I don't consider myself a hypocrit. But the fact that Morgan is dating the girl he cheated with, makes it difficult for me, and the fact that it seems kind of serious between them.
Stephan and I aren't serious at all.I don't think I'm ready yet for something serious again, I just thought that Morgan would feel the same.
One of the nice things of living in Simmeria is that I'm now closer to my cousin, Emma. Since she started collge it's been hard to meet her.
And it got even harder when she got pregnant and decided to keep the baby. Dividing her time between the baby, classes, assignments, and her work in the familyrestaurant isn't easy.
She seems happy now though, and I'm glad about that. Austin seems like a calm baby, and apparently, her boyfriend, Finn, has been a huge help.
 Mom and dad try to drop by every other week, and then they take me out to dinner or something. I can't remember if they did that when Matthew was at college, but then again they had me still at home back then.
I think they miss having one of us at home, especially since they don't have Matthew living close enough to visit regularly.

  • Marlys rolled this round's 'Win the Simmerian Best Essay-ROS'. Since she's majoring in drama/fashion, I didn't see her as one to send her assay to a paper, so I had the paper instead picking out the best essays. She didn't do much with the money, it's not that much and I just put it on her back account.
  • I imagine that Marlys is studying fashion design but will eventually speciallise in costume design for movies and tv-series and such. I do hope she'll become an ice-skater first!
  • Morgan kept rolling wants for Erica, the girl he cheated with last year, so I decided to let them try, and so far so good it seems. Erica is 19 years old, and if they stay together, I imagine that Erica will have a 7 year younger sister (I'm terrible, I know!). 
  • Marlys and Stephan aren't serious, at least not at the moment. I don't think this will change, but we'll see what will happen with them.
  • We didn't see much of the boys in this update, but I hope to change that next time. Morgan and Lars will get an apartment together, so it will just be Steven and Marlys in the dorm.
  • I've known Steven to be gay ever since he became a teen, but never did something with it. There weren't any boys the same who were gay as well, so he never found guy. At college though he found himself one. We didn't get to see him here, but you'll meet him next time!
  • This is a new dorm I build because I wanted to redecorate my other one, I moved all the sims already, but I haven't done anything with the old dorm yet, I hope to do that soon.


  1. An interesting glimpse into university life, and some interesting developments have started for the various characters. As always, you have perfectly combined text with pictures.

  2. Ooh, that's such a fun idea to have your sims specialise in various areas of fashion design! And costume design will be so cool. I can see Marlys enjoying that. She's dealing with the awkwardness of seeing Morgan and Erica together pretty well too.

    I can't wait to see Steven's guy. That's great that he's found someone. My Tim didn't find anyone until college either - it's hard when they're limited to townies!

  3. I like the idea of her specializing in costumes (That is my favorite portion of fashion design in real life). Looking forward to seeing how you show that as she gets older and into that career line.

    Interesting with Erica, and lol on her little sister. I think having family is nice! Glad that they are doing well, it's funny how he rolled wants for her and brought this relationship to be. I love when sims do that *unless it goes against what I really, badly want*.

    Nice seeing her go out to eat with her parents, nice looking restaurant too.

  4. Librarian Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Carla I saws it as something for Marlys. If she would do 'normal' fashion design, I see her more as one to design the more 'special' lines and clothes.
    Morgan kept rolling wants for Erica so I decided to see where they would take it, which made living in the dorm pretty uncomfortable for Marlys.

    I hope to introduce Steven's guy next time. I have some one else in mind for him though, so I don't know how far I'll let them take it.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Maisie I think costumes fits Marlys pretty well, but we'll see how she does on the ice rink first :) I have no idea how I'll show that in the future, maybe I'll let her work with my actors/actresses and directors, I don't know yet.

    I like that Morgan decided to go for it with Erica by rolling so many wants for her. They have 2 bolts and he and Marlys have 3, so I wonder how things will go between him and Erica.

    I can't take credit for the restaurant, I downloaded it a long time ago, I might have done some redecorating, but that I can't remember.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Wow it's so mature of her to be glad for Morgan! I don't think I'd be so adult about him & Erica lol