Monday, February 16, 2015

The Simmerian - June 2026 Issue

Emma has been having contractions since early in the morning, and she and Finn have been in the hospital ever since, but nothing has happened yet.

Finn is trying to make sure Emma feels as comfortable as possible by giving her backrubs while they wait for the baby to come.
After hours of waiting, Emma's time finally has come. And Finn is overwhelmed by it all.
Soon they welcome their son, Austin Collins. They are both immidiatly in love with the little one.

  • They had a boy! I don't know what's going on with my game lately, but it's giving me the babies I want! I'm not complaining, it's just a little bit unussual for my game.
  • I wanted them to have a boy, can't even remeber the girl's name I picked out for them, but I know I've have Austin in my mind ever since I found out they were having a baby.
  • Austin has brown hair like both his parents, and grey eyes like his dad. I'm glad he doesn't have black hair, which was an option since Emma's dad had black hair, but I would have loved for him to have green eyes like his mom, I love green eyes!


  1. My game too! I've been getting the gender I want every time. I give myself two additional tries for the right gender and then I have to go with it, so I'm pretty happy I haven't had to recently. :D

    But yay, I'm glad Emma and Finn have their lovely son with them now! I'm quite partial to the name Austin. ;) Can't wait to see how his parents cope with this new stage in their lives!

  2. I have also been getting the gender I want, so I'm really hopeful that Lorelei will have a boy! I didn't know you did that Carla with tries on gender.

    Emma and Finn with baby Austin, very sweet! Looking forward to seeing him age up and see who he takes after. I love green eyes as well, very pretty.

  3. Shannon Thank you! :)

    Carla It's a bit crazy having a game like that, isn't it? ;)

    I'm looking forward to seeing how Austin turns out, especially since his parents had him so young. I'm looking forward in playing them next time.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Maisie I've done it in some situations as well. Like when Anna had her 3rd baby, I really wanted them to have girl after 2 boys, but my game gave me a boy, every single time, and so I gave up :)

    I wonder who Austin will look like them most. Both his parents look pretty good, so I figure he will also.
    Green eyes always stand out!

    Thanks for reading and commenting!