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SVU C - September 2026

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Zanobi - Min - Willis
Melina is 22, Benny is 21 and Joan is 20
(Quan Min is 56, Chu Min is 55, Hans Mokara is 54, Yin Mokara is 51, Marcus Young is 34, Logan Collins is 26, Eleanora Roque is 20 and Emma Zanobi is 20)
Narrated by Melina

Ever since I graduated, which is almost a year ago, I've been sending out my resume to every company I can think of, but so far no luck.
I've been checking the newspaper and the internet daily, but it seems nobody is waiting for me! I never thought to get a job immidiatly, but I did thought I would get one withing 6 months.
I have enough money to get through one year without a job, but mom and dad are starting to get worried. They talk to me almost every time I see them.
They even suggested me moving back in at home. I think it's sweet of them, but moving back home is kind of my last option.
If I don't get a job I want soon, I might take something just so I'd earn something! At the moment I'm keeping myself busy. I try to read a lot to keep up with everything in the science-world.
Ellie and Marcus finally set a date for their wedding, and May 2027 is approaching fast! So everyt time Marcus has a game we meet in the cafetaria to talk about the wedding.
Ellie asked me to be the maid of honor, and I'm taking that job very serious! I can't wait for May to be here!
When Marcus' game is finished, he usually joins us, to here our ideas. He's one interested guy, Ellie is very lucky with him.
Earlier this year, I've started seeing Logan Collins. Emma is thrilled about that, seeing he's her boyfriend's brother and she'd really like us to become family one day.
Logan is great. He's a veterinarian in SimsVille, and he really loves everything about animals. One of our first dates he took me to the Simmerian Museum.
They have some parrots there, and he started talking to them, which was kind of weird and sweet at the same time.
Of course it's not all animals all the time, we actually have normal dates as well, like a nice dinner in a pretty fancy restaurant.
I really like him, but I'm not yet dreaming of a wedding or something just yet. I'm just enoying things at the moment, and we'll see what will happen.
Benny and Joan are doing quite well also. I was a little bit anxious when they decided to move in together, I thought they were going too fast but apparently I was wrong.
Both of them are focussing on their schoolwork at the moment though. Benny is in his last year, and he wants to finish top of his class, and find a job soon. I just think he wants to end up like me.
But they try to have breakfast with his parents at least once a week. His parents want to get to know Joan, and so they insist on meeting once a week.
Joan is a pretty nice girl, so I don't see any problems for her and Benny's family. And seeing they are still meeting every week I think Benny's parents like her.
Once in while Benny also decides to have a men's night. He invites Morgan and Lars and orders pizza and directs us girls to go out for the night.
For them it's a night of gaming, eating and drinking, which they all seem to enjoy.
Joan and I ussually go out on one of those nights. Not just because Benny orders us to go out, but becasue we just want to hang out around the appartments when there are 3 guys drinking and gaming!
I ask Ellie go with us on those nights as well, and it's always a plus when we get Emma to come along as well, because she really doesn't go out that much since she had Austin.

  • Melina hasn't found a job yet, but I think I'll cheat her in the one she wants next round. She has checked the paper and the internet daily but natural science doesn't come up at all. She did well in college, so I'll cheat her into her preferenced job.
  • Benny and Joan are doing very well. Benny rolled the want to get engaged to Joan, but I decided to let them wait some more, maybe even untill Joan graduates.
  • I like Melina and Logan togethern and I'm curious to see where they'll take this relationship. I do see a future for these 2
  • Both Benny and Joan did good this year, and passed. This means the Benny graduated. We'll see him in the January birthdays.

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  1. Do you have any rules for graduates and jobs? I stole one from Laura a long time ago. I cheat my sims into their careers immediately if they have a 3.7 or higher and within 5 years if they have a 3.5 or 3.6. That way, I still get some who don't get a job right away (like Louisa). Works out pretty well for me.

    Anyway, I do hope Melina finds something soon, whether you give her a little nudge or not. ;) It must be really depressing for her to not be able to earn any money and put her degree to use yet. At least her love life is looking up. Logan seems like a nice guy and it's cool that he's Finn's brother!

    Benny and Joan are an adorable couple (their names always remind me of that old Johnny Depp movie, Benny and Joon). I think waiting on engagement is wise, though it's nice to know Benny is keen. Let's hope Joan is too, when the time comes!