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Burrie-Mertens - August 2026

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The Burrie-Mertens 1 Household Profile

The Burrie-Mertens Family
Mario is 27 and Melissa is 25
(Ludo Mertens is 61, Mia Mertens is 57, Marcus Young is 34, Jack Penninkmeijer is 31, Johanna Peninkmeijer is 28, Jason Savage and Eddy Sels are 27, Magda Sels is 26, Margot Savage is 25, Eli Penninkmeijer is 4, and Vincent Savage is 2)
Narrated by Mario
Ever since we moved here, Melissa has been planning to invite over the neighbors to get to know them. Now that she has her summervacation it seemed like the perfect time.
I thought she would feel a little bit akward with one of the neighbor, seeing that she, Magda, is my ex-girlfriend. But Melissa, Johanna and Magda all seemed to get along very well.
Us guys got along as well. And it was really nice to meet them, and got to know them a little bit better.
Magda and Eddy announced that they were expecting their first child, and Eddy tried to connect with Johanna and Jack's son, Eli.
Since we don't have any kids ourselfs, we were a little bit afraid that Eli would get bored soon, but the kid is used to playing on his own, and really enjoyed himself chasing butterflies.
Jack and Johanna had to go home because Eli was getting tired, but Magda and Eddy stayed longer, just to catch up.
Magda and Eddy are really nice people to hang out with, and I'm glad that our pasts aren't getting in the way of our friendship.
Melissa is really enjoying her 2 months off from work, and invites over her sister whenever Margot is free.
Melissa adores her cousin, and loves it when Margot brings him along. I have to admit that Vincent is really cute kid.
Sometimes they hang out at Margot's place, other times Margot comes down to Simmeria with Vincent. We made sure to have some toys for him, so he doesn't get bored.
Even though Melissa has 2 months off from work, I haven't. And I have been spending almost all of my free time working out.
Or practising my shoots. I know it takes time to get to the top, especially in my field, but I always planned to be further at this age.
Sometimes Melissa joins me when I'm practising in the garden. But in all fairness, she's not that good, and really no competition at all, I do appreciate her efforts though.
Recently I've started practising with Marcus Young. He really made it in the basketball-world and I feel privileged to get this chance. He's hard, but fair!
He also tries to make sure I take time off, he sais that's just as important as practising, other wise you'll get too focussed.
I took his advice and took some days off to spend some time with Melissa. We went to the Blue Bubble, the renovated swimmingpool, to just enjoy the sun and the water.
I took my chances on the divingboard, and I have to say I wasn't great. I think diving just isn't my thing.
They really did some amazing renovations on the Blue Bubble, and Melissa and I was determinded to enjoy them all, including the hot tub, even though it was already warm enough.
The Bubble Complex is a complex for the sportslover, with all sorts of activities for sports lovers to enjoy. The restaurant there isn't high class, but it's perfect at the same time.
The meals are simple, but good. We really enjoyed our dinner there, after spending the entire day at the pool.
After such a nice day, neither of us felt like going home, so instead we went to Bear Lake, just down the street, and enjoy the perfect day some more.
Those days always make me think about how much time I spend on basketball, and how much I miss spending time with Melissa.
But we both agree that now is the time to do all of this. I really want to make it as a basketballplayer ant Melissa really supports me on that.
We do want want to get married and have children some day, but we agree to wait a little bit longer and focus on our careers for now, well mostly mine.
And maybe in a few years I'll be where I want in my career, and we'll both be ready for children.
It's strange to see that Margot and Melissa both want different things from life, especially seeing they're twins. When Jason, Dominic and I went for a drink the other night, Jason told us they were thinking about having another kid.
We're happy for Jason and Margot, but it's just something we, Dominic and I, don't see happening for us any time soon.
I know Melissa's parents would love another grandchild, sooner rather than later, because they keep hinting about it.
But they understand they we don't feel ready just yet for it, they just keep hoping that we soon will be.

  • I think I have quite a lot of engagements already this round, and maybe some to come. By the way these 2 don't have the want (yet) to get engaged or married, but if by next round they don't have either of those wants I will have them get engaged. They have 2 bolts, so why not?
  • I do want them to have kids soon, but I see them as the couple to have everything else in order before getting there, so they'll be waiting some more.
    Margot and Jason really are thinking about adding to their family, we'll see how that goes when I play them later this round.
  • Mario isn't very high in his career at the moment, but with some coaching from Marcus I'm sure he'll get where he wants before he has to search for something else.


  1. The pictures of Mario practicing basketball are really cool. Good luck to him in his career!

    I'd likely (eventually) get them engaged too, with both having 2 bolts, if they stayed together.

  2. Mario and Melissa seem perfectly happy the way they are for the meantime, so I probably wouldn't be pushing them to get engaged either. No rush, right?

    I love the pictures of Margot and Melissa with Vincent - he's such a little cutie. What a lucky boy that he has toys at his auntie's house as well as his own. :)

  3. Nice pictures of Mario practicing basketball! You have some nice courts in your hood. It is especially nice to see Marcus coaching him, I really like that touch! I think it's nice that they are not rushing off to get engaged, they seem to have a good thing going for them now, and it's nice to see them enjoy it. The backyard and the lighting in the evening are both very nice! I really enjoyed the dinner and seeing the kids.

  4. Shannon I do hope he does well in his career, but we'll just have to wait and see I gues.

    I see them together in the long run, so I'll wait for next round and see what they'll do.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Carla They seem to have a good thing going, don't they? There's no rush to get them engaged, but they aren't getting any younger, so I keep hopinng to see that want pop with either of them.

    I see Melissa as a devoted aunt, so it seemed natuaral for her to have some toys at her house. And I adore Vincent! I can't wait to see any other children from Margot and Jason :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Maisie I thought Marcus coaching Mario was a nice touch, in a few years time Marcus will be focussing on coaching anyway so why not start now?
    Thank you for the compliments on the courts, in this update you see the one their backyard, and the one I recently build; Bubble Ball Courts.
    I hope they get engaged one day, but they have a good thing going at the moment, so I'm not forcing them (yet).
    I love the lighting at night in the gardens, it's always so soothing :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!