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Mishoen - March 2026

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The Mishoen Family
Fen is 64 and Goofy is 61
(Marc Mishoen is 73, Nuan Mishoen is 68, Nio Terrano is 35, Tina Mishoen is 35, Enya Terrano is 11, Sayda Terrano is 8, Wylco Terrano is 6 and Zoey Mishoen is 5)
Narrated by Goofy

Since I turned 60, Fen and I decided to start working less hours, and ejoy the time we still have left.
And we really are enjoying to the fullest! We have everything right here at home.
But still we decided to go to SimsVille for the weekend, and stay in B&B instead of travelling back home.
I know SimsVille is only 15 minutes away, but it was nice being away from it all for some time, and the B&B was great!
I have to admit we hardly left it, and stayed in our room most of the time. We both know SimsVille already, so there was no need to do anything touristic.
When we did leave the room, it was to enjoy the nice garden the B&B had to offer.
And of course we had to leave the room for some dinner, since they didn't serve that at the B&B, but it all was nice.
We both kind of love the empty house now that both Nio and Tina moved out. But sometimes it's till so busy around the house. It was great being just the 2 of us for a couple of days.
Of course back home, we were thrown right back into it all! Tina wanted to talk to us about Niels, Zoey's dad. Apparently he's back, and he's been looking to get back in contact with Tina and Zoey.
I don't know what to think about it all. After all Niels is the one who left Tina with a newborn 5 years ago. But Tina seems to think it would be nice for Zoey to get to know her father.
I'm worried about it thouhg. And when I talked to Fen about it when Tina left, I could tell she felt the same.
We're both afraid Niels will hurt Tina, or even Zoey! Niels has always been Tina's great love. We do want her to settle down one day, and maybe even have more children, but we're affraid that it's going to be with Niels.
To get our mind of things, we took Zoey to the park and met with Nio and his kids there. I like that Fen and Nio are getting along better these days.
The kids always love to go to the park, they have a swinset at home, but for some reason they enjoy the one in the park much more.
Wylco and Zoey are only 1 year apart, and they get along very well. They are both very outoging personalyties, but so far that hasn't caused any problems.
Enya turns 12 next year, and she's in that fase where she thinks she's too old for the things her siblings do, so she doesn't enjoy the playground that much anymore.
She'll be looking for some one older to talk to. So when Fen or I get tired and go sit down, she'll follow us to have a chat with us.
I don't mind it that much, the kid tells some pretty amazing stories sometimes. I'm sure she'll do great in high school next year.
Nuan and Marc come by quite a lot these days as well. Fen and her sister never had much contact, but the last couple of years, they both seem to want to spend more time together.
Marc is a nice guy, and a great brother-in-law. We mostly talk about our children and grandchildren, I think that's what you do when you're older, but it's nice anyway.

  • Not a very long update, but there really wasn't much to tell. Goffy rolled the "Woohoo RIGHT NOW"-ROS, which I thought fitted this couple very well, they already to it a lot. 
  • To make it al little bit more interesting I took them to SimsVille. Fen moved there with her parents all those years ago, and they lived there untill 2022, when they moved to Simmeria to be closer to their kids.
  • Niels still is Tina's one. They still have 3 bolts, and I won't be surprised they ended up together again, which I'm sure worries her parents quite a lot. But we'll see what will happen when I play Tina in March 2027.


  1. This couple looks like they pretty much woohoo all the time, for sure! It was so neat to see them visit the B&B; it made me laugh that they said there was really no reason to leave the room and explore Simsville :-). It will be interesting to see if Niels and Tina end up together again.

  2. I liked this update! I love such "love-birds", especially when they are elderly, it is so nice to see that in real people, and I also like it in my Sims.
    Their house is beautiful, too.

  3. Ugh, yeah, I wouldn't want my daughter to settle down with Niels either! :\ And if he really wants to be a part of Zoey's life now, he should realise that means it would be wrong to just walk right out again when he feels like it's getting all inconvenient. Not sure Niels has shown that he's that mature yet. But who knows - stranger things have happened!

  4. These two are so active and are adorable together. I'm glad they still have that fire alive in their marriage after all these years. I'm with the rest though with Niels... I would not be happy about that at all. I would like for him to turn a leaf, but he'd have to do quite a bit for me to believe it!

  5. Shannon They have been that ever since they got together! It's tiring at times :)
    I loved taking them to the B&B, they were the reason I build it and I'm glad they enjoyed their stay.
    I wonder how things between Tina and Niels will evolve, I'm very much looking forward to playing her later this round!

    Thanks for reading and commentin!

    Librarian These 2 are sometimes a little bit too much, but you're right it's nice to see (in real life and in the sims)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Carla I do think Niels knows he's made a mistake by leaving, but I don't know if he's willing to put in an effort and be an actual father. We'll see when I play Tina later this round.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Maisie I like them together as well, though I could sometimes do with a little bit less woohooing :)
    I still like Niels and Tina together, I always liked them, and if Niels has changed (which I doubt) I would like them to be a family. But on the other hand I would hate to see them come together again after all this time. So I'm pretty unsure about these 2 :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!