Friday, February 6, 2015

Kids - May 2026

SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School
Principal: Marie Gerrtis is 35
Teachers: Elisa de Leeuw is 31 and Magda Sels is 26
Subject Teachers: Laura Heaven and Gabriƫlle Penninkmeijer are 24
Students: Enya Terrano and George Roque are 11, Bethany Alenis and Mona and Nora Zang are 10, Joshua Mishoen, Charles Roque, Nathan Forman and Emily Spits are 9, Michael Mishoen, Sayda Terrano, Athony Verbon and Bailey Ooms are 8, Brian Gradonni, Owen Tora and Alex Zang are 7, Oscar Lamberts, Wylco Terrano, Carl Zang, Tessa Zang, and Julie Warner are 6, Jill Forman, Elisabeth and Margaret Penninkmeijer, Felix Gerrits, Zoey Mishoen, Brent de Leeuw, and Marcus Zang are 5, Kevin Ooms, Vera Lamberts, Claire Tora, Stephanie and Nicholas Penninkmeijer, Eli Penninkmeijer, and Olivia Warner are 4
In May the teachers take it a little bit slower. With the exams just around the corner they just do revisions in class, or go on a field trip instead.

Pre-school + Kindergarden - Teacher: Magda Kievits
The younger ones don't have exams, so they are allowed to play a little bit more.

When the weahter is nice, wich is quite a lot in May, the children can play outside a little bit longer when recess is already over.

Grades 1 - 3 - Teacher: Marie Gerrits

Grades 1 - 3 took a field trip to the skate park. Some enjoyed it a little bit more than others, but I think they were all glad to spend an afternoon away from the school.

In class they prepare for their exams.

Grades 4 - 6 - Teacher: Elisa de Leeuw

 The older kids take a trip to Simmeria to visit the high school, where they get a tour from principal Hans Mokara. They get an example of what a class in high school would be like and are even allowed to have lunch the school cafeteria.

In class they write a paper about their trip, the grades will count for the exams as well.

  • I don't know how it goes in other parts of the world, but here there's always a field trip near the end of the school year, in May or June, so I decided to go with that this time.
  • I planned on taking the younger ones to the aquarium (again), but realised it's not finished yet, and I didn't feel like doing it at the time, so I let them play on the school playground instead.
  • The skate park is a new lot, I'm really over using at the moment. It's in SimsVille, and it's not big at all, it's still needs some work, but I thought it would be perfect to take the kids to.
  • I only have 2 students leaving my elementary school this year (I'm sure I'll have much more who'll be starting elementary school), but I thought it would be nice to let them take a tour at the high school, and I really liked doing it.


  1. Great pictures, it all looks so "real" with so many kids everywhere, and you know I love how you build and decorate anyway!
    Field trips happen rather often here; I see groups of children from schools and kindergardens here nearly every morning on the train, because the same line I use goes to the zoo.

  2. We have field trips here (in Florida, USA) at the end of the school year too, Tanja. It was fun to see the kids visit the high school, we do that at the end of elementary and middle school. (Middle School is for 11 to 14 year olds, approximately, here in Florida).

    Anyway, you have SO many kids, it was really neat to see your school in action.

  3. Yeah, we do field trips at the end of the school year in Australia too and at various points throughout the school year. They're called excursions here. At our school, it's usually to a movie and then a bowling alley. The primary school I attended as a kid used to have a picnic day at the local park, where there was also a pool.

    Anyway, loved seeing all your kids preparing for the end of the year! Such a great idea to take your older kids to the high school. I remember doing that when I was nearing the end of primary school. It's going to be strange to see all those kids as teens soon!

  4. The high school tour was fun to see! And field trips are always a blast, I don't recall if we had them more at the end of the year or not, we didn't have any past elementary school though. But agree that little kids are always on field trips, the local museums are filled on weekdays with student groups. The skate park looks nice, and a fun place to exert some energy with the kids.

  5. Librarian I think it looks more real with a lot of kids as well, though it's not always as easy to play. I'm looking forward to having less kids to play :)
    Field trips are pretty common here as well. The city I live is rather historical, so there are quite a lot of groups walking around as well.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Shannon I think field trips are a good way to fill the time between the last classes and the first exams, kids still learn but also do something they like. I have never visited a high school before actually going there, but I think it's realistic to do so, so I'm glad I wasn't wrong here :)

    I have TOO many kids, but it's fun to play them and see the school full of action.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Carla Ah yes through the year we have them as well here, most of the time it's right before a holliday or a long weekend. Hmmm, bowling alley and picnic sound like a good idea for another time, thank for the idea ;)

    I will be glad to see some of those kids as teens, others I will miss though! Some seem like they have been kids forever, and with other it seems like it was just yesterday they were born :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Maisie I loved doing the tour and the other trips, it was something else than just having your kids in the classroom :)
    I like the skate park as well, and I love taking my sims down there.

    Thanks for reading and commending!