Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Simmerian - October 2026 Issue

Only 3 more months before Magda and Eddy welcome their first child, and so far Magda has had a pretty good pregnancy. The only thing bothering her is the fact that she can't wear the shoes she wants, because her feet are swollen.
Dr. Carette is happy with how the pregnancy is progressing and doesn't see any problems for the last trimester and the birth.

  • I couldn't get Magda's belly to pop, so let's pretand she's one of those women where you can hardly see she's pregnant, even though she's nearing the end of the pregnancy.
  • I'd like these 2 to have a girl, I can really see them as parents of a little girl. My game has been really co-operative lately, so maybe I'll get what I want.
  • I'm looking forward to this baby. Maybe because I have so few babies this round :)But I'm also looking forward to seeing Magda and Eddy's genetics on a new generation.


  1. How weird about Magda's belly! Is everything okay with her pregnancy controller or was it just the top she was wearing, maybe?

    Anyway, excited to see their baby!

  2. Best wishes to Magdalena with her baby coming. So funny, the shoes thought bubble