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Gerrits - May 2026

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The Gerrits 1 Household

The Gerrits Household
Marie is 35, Sya is 34, Felix is 5 and Caleb and Keira are 3
(Marc Mishoen is 73, Nuan Mishoen is 68, Tika Mishoen is 42, Xiang Zang is 43, Marcus Young is 34, Elisa de Leeuw is 31, Magda Sels is 26, Eleanora Roque is 21, Lewis Mishoen is 13, Joshua Mishoen is 9 and Michael Mishoen is 8)
Narrated by Sya
This month didn't start too great; on my day off I had to rush to the hospital because they called me that Marie had been in an accident. I was really worried, and couldn't get there fast enough.
I was happy to see everything was fine with Marie, but I wanted confirmation. It was a bit akward that my sister's ex-husband was Marie's doctor, but on the other hand I know he's a great doctor, so I knew she was in good hands.
He assured me that Marie was doing fine, and that she could go home with me. She wasn't allowed to go to work yet, ant was told to rest plenty.
I couldn't stay home from work, but mom and dad offered to come over a few days a week to help around the house. They even told us we didn't have to take to twins to daycare.
They both love spending time witht their grandchildren. And all 3 kids love spending time with their grandparents.
Mom and dad have been a great help, not just with the kids. Mom made sure the house was clean, and that we didn't have to worry about anything.
She even made sure there was a snack for Felix when he came home from school.
And dad was more than willing to help Felix with his homework. Something we hardly have to time for with our work and the twins needing our constant attention.
When Marie was finally feeling better and didn't need to rest that much anymore, her collegues came by to keep her up to date.
When she told me about the visit afterwards I could tell Marie really missed her students and that she was very much looking forward to going back to work.
When Marie was finally allowed to go out of the house again, we took the kids to the playground across the street.
I was glad to see Marie just sitting there watching the kids play and enjoy it.
Even though Marie felt alright again, we both thought it was a good idea she didn't join me and Tika when we took the boys to the skate park.
Tika and I even skated, but that wasn't a huge succes. I do think we both did one lap before we decided to just watch the kids instead.
But when the boys were starting to join us by the bench, we decided they were done and we headed home.
Marie didn't go with us to the skate park, but instead took Keira and Caleb to my parents' house, where they got the undivided attention of Lewis, who decided not to go to the skate park as well.
Lewis never paid much attention to his younger brothers, but he's great with kids, and he loves playing with them.
Dad grilled some hot dogs by the time we got home, and the kids begged us to allow them a 'picnic' in the garden instead of sitting at the table.
So it was just us, adults, at the table. We were joined by Lewis, who thinks he's a little bit too old to be labled a 'kid'.
We don't go out that much anymore these days, it's just not doable with 3 kids. Instead we try to invite them over for a game or just to have drink.
Seeing last time Marcus and Ellie announced their engagement, I wonder how long we will be able to do this. When you have kids it's just a little bit harder to meet up with friends.

I made over their house! I was in desperate need of a make-over (at least in my opinion), and this is how it looks now. You'll see more of it next round. Or maybe I'll do a lot tour one day, I'm not sure yet.

  • Marie rolled the "Ouch! You've been in a car accident!"-ROS this round. I did what the 'instructions' said; she lost 5 body-points, and stayed home for 2 days, but nothing really happened. To make it more 'real' I had Sya's parents check in and help out as much as they could.
  • As I've said before I'm giving almost every one's house a make-over, and since this house hasn't changed since I build it years ago, I couldn't just let it pass :)
  • This is the last round with Keira and Caleb as toddlers. As always I'm very much looking forward to aging them up to children! I can't wait to see how they'll look.
  • Lewis really never paid much attention to his little brothers. He doesn't hate them, but they're just not interesting to him it seems. He did play with one of the toddlers (can't remember wich one) all on his own though. Maybe he was just too young when his brothers were born to pay them any attention.
  • I know the family profile-page is empty at the moment, I really should start writing those again! I hope to have them updated soon!


  1. You really did a great job with that ROS; I love Sya's parents coming over and helping out. Her mom even made a pie for her grandson when he came home from school, so sweet!

    I look forward to seeing the house tour if you get a chance to post it.

  2. Glad Marie was okay after her accident! Still hard being out of action for a little while, with a job and kids to take care of. Having Sya's parents drop in was a great way to deal with it.

    Maybe now that Lewis is a little older, he's a bit better at entertaining toddlers? He was pretty young when his brothers were that age, after all.

    I'm behind on my family profiles too! I need to get back into them.

  3. What a relief that Marie was okay after the accident. It was nice that Sya's parents came by to help out, especially with all those little children in the house.

    The park visit and skate park were really nice, looked like they were enjoying some good family time together. Nice seeing Lewis being interactive with the toddlers.

  4. Shannon I think it was good thing that Sya's parents came over to help, I think it was much needed at that moment.

    I'll try to post the tour soon, but I'm not making any promisses :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Carla I'm glad Marie was ok as well, but I couldn't see her taking care of 2 toddlers when she was just in a car accident, so Sya's parents were a great help!

    My family profiles are just terrible! I hope to change that soon, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Maisie The help of Sya's parents was much needed after Marie's accident, even though she got out quite alright.

    I always like taking my sims to community lots, especially when it's to meet other sims, so I'm glad it's liked by my readers as well :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!