Sunday, December 27, 2009

Birthdays - Winter 2012

And again nothing but baby-posts this season! I hope to have some birthdays really soon!
Kristianne Spits found out she's execting, her baby is due in the summer of 2013. The father of the baby is Jason Draper, but he doesn' t know, Kristianne cut of all contact when she found out she was pregnant. Her best friend; Richard van de Wiel, has moved in and they are engaged, he will be a father for the baby.
At the Mokara residence, the family is ready to welcome baby number 3 in the family. After the birth of son David in the spring of 2011, they desided to have a third one very close to the second one.
The newest addition to the family is another baby-boy. His name is Sam Mokara. His skintone a mix of his both parents. Just like their other children Sam has black hair.

Note: I was really happy when Yin gave birth to only one child! I have the option for higher chance of twins for Hans, and they never had twins. Thank god for that this time, because there is abslutely no room for 4 children!


  1. Hmmm, is Kristianne going to become a regular playable now that she's having the baby of a playable?

  2. She's one of my playable NPC's. I just play them in my rotation but I don't blog about them except for birthdays and bith-announcements.