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Young 1 - Fall 2011

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The Young Family
Marcus is 20 (Ingrid is 30)
Marcus: I think I will try things with Ingrid, even though she used to see my brother. I feel really comfortable around her, and I really like her, I might even love her, so what more can a sim ask for?
So, if that is more than a sim can ask for, why is it than that I'm still not sure? I keep posponing inviting her over. I keep doing other things, so there is no time left to invite her over.
But when I walk by the pictures, of me with mom and dad in the hallway, I keep thingking about kids of my own, and of course that's not possible on my own. I don't mean to have kids right now, but before we start with kids, I think it would be nice to know the mother of my children first.
After all the thinking, and posponing I did, I finally made a desicion about Ingrid. So I invited her over, and asked her to move in with me. I thought I would need to pursuade her more, but to my surprise she immidiatly said yes!
So has been longing to get a proper education, so she didn't need much time to register her for this new home school program. She needs to write a number of articles, and then she can get a college degree, and get any job she wants. It cost §10.000 to register for the program, and we have the money right now, so why not. Did you see me write 'we', it's nice that there is a 'we'!
After living together for some time, I brought up the topic of children. I thought Ingrid would want kids too, rather sooner than later, but she was completely against the idea! I dont know why, but she's absolutely not interested in kids at all!
While I was still thinking about it all, she just went back to work like nothing has happened. Maybe it was just too soon to bring up the subject. After all we haven't been living together that long, and it's not like we're really old and need to hurry.
It's nice not to come house to an empty house. Ingrid also takes care of everything else. She makes sure the house is clean, that there is food, that the bills and the rent are paid. It's also nice not to have to go to bed alone. On top of all the work she does in the house, Ingrid also has time to write her articles.
She even finds time to spend with Mol! I don't know how she does it, but it all is amazing!

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