Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rai 1 - Winter 2012

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The Rai Family
Berend is 52, Ella is 49 and Madeleine is 14
Berend: Life is getting so boring! I've reached what I wanted to reach; Ella and I were able to build an amazing house. But that's about it. Every day I go to work, only to get away from home. Because at home there is Ella, and I just don't like being around her lately, all she do is complaining; I don't make enough paintings, I don't work hard enough to get a promotion, there's always something wrong.
For Madeleine I don't have to stay home either. She's my daughter but sometimes I don't feel like her father at all. She's mostly chatting on the phone or on the computer. Also Ella taught her the art of crafting pots, so when she has a little bit time left Ella is pushing her to craft pots.
Even when they are not doing things for the shop, they do things together, and it makes me feel even more like an outsider in my own house and family!
So even though we sleep in the same bed, next to each other, I don't feel like I belong here anymore, with Ella. But I have no idea where I do belong, so I'll just stick around a little bit longer and see where we end up.
When Ella isn't home, and I don't feel like painting, I chat on the computer a lot. This way I met a girl, her name is Emily. So one day, when I was all alone in the house, and yet again didn't feel like painting, I desided to invite her over. She is even more amazing in real life than I thought.
One thing led to another, and before we both knew it, I showed her the bedroom. Ooh, that morning was magical, something I hadn't expirienced in a long time. But that morning was over so fast, before we knew it, we heard the school bus stop in front of the house, and Madeleine was home. I just said Emily was a friend, who wanted to see some of my paintings, I think Madeleine believed it.
Although Madeleine believed me, and didn't tell anything about it to Ella, Ella and I had a huge fight that night. She was really furious that I didn't finish some more paintings. I'm getting so tyred of that complaining! I didn't say a thing and went to bed!

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  1. Oh, Berend's playing with fire here, if the affair continues and his wife or daughter find out!