Monday, December 28, 2009

Three Lakes Honeymoon - Winter 2012

Dear mom and dad, I'm writing you from Three Lakes, where Tika and I desidede to have our honeymoon. We left immidiatly after the wedding, wich was amazing, and such a shame dad and Xun weren't able to be there! This is out camping side. We have the cottage all to the right, only one bedroom, but that's more than enough! We haven't met the other lodgers for now, and I don't know if we will, after all we are on ou honeymoon, and that's somehting you only sims for. You both know how well-organised I like to be, so whil Tika was checking us in, I went to talk to a local and asked what was worth paying a visit. He game some good information, but he also said some thigs that made no sense at all! We desided to listen to one of his tips and headed of to one of the many community lots at Three Lakes. Tika learned some strange dance there, and now she's constantly trying to get me do it also, but I'm not really interested in those silly dances. Instead of dancing, I went to do some ax throwing. I don't want to brag, but I'm actually really good at it, especially considering that I only picked it up here! Of course a honeymoon is about doing things together. Since we both were eager to dicover the local welness facilities, we went to get a massage, afterwards we went into to sauna together, and to cool of we also took a dip in the hot water springs. For diner we roasted some marsh mellow on the fire. Some of the other lodgers came to sit with us and we made it into a cosy evening. The nights were even more amazing, but I'm not going to let you know anything more about that! Ather all, you are my parents, I you really don't need to know much more about that! Our last day, Tika spend sleeping. We both have the idea that we are taking home a little surprise. A surpise you can see in about 9 months! With this information, I'm going to leave you and pack some more. We'll both see you at Xun's wedding this spring!

Greets, Xiang


  1. This couple is so cute. I'm glad they had a honeymoon.

  2. Looks like they had a nice holiday, and yeah for a little souvenir in nine months! :)