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Draper 1 - Fall 2011

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The Draper Family
Jason and Ada are 34
Ada: I always thought my life would be a little bit different from what it turned out to be. For example, I thought I would go to university, but I'm 34 now, and I never took the oppotunity to go. I also thought I would get a really, really good job, but those are for sims with a college degree, and I don't have that one, so that's not for me either.
Jason is great, I like living with him. I hope one day to get married, but he's not the marrying kind of guy, so that's another thing that probably will never happer to me. He's constantly looking in the paper, for solutions to get me happier. One day he actually found one, some kind of program, where you have to write a number of articles, and if you do that you can get a college degree, but it costs §10.000, and that money we don't have!
So I keep my work as it is, not liking it in any way! I start working at 8pm, so I actually have the whole day to work on a promotion, but I just can't put myself to it. I'd rather sleep untill noon, and to absolutely nothing. It's not that I'm a lazy person, I just can't put myself to it, because it's not what I want in my life.
So when Jason gets home from work, he also does all the work in the house. He never complains, he just takes it all as it comes along. Sometime I do feel guilty, but then I think about the life I could have had, and don't have, and that feeling is replaced by a miserable feeling.
On top of it all, I think Jason is cheating on me. When I went to work one day, I saw this woman stopping by, and Jason greeting her really friendjy. On the other hand; who can blame him? Living with a miserable person all the time, makes you long for a happy one.
But at work, I could only think about that woman and Jason in bed together. It got me so distracted that I did everything wrong. That combined with my constant 'happiness', as my boss puts it, was enough to get me fired.
When I came home, I found Jason alone in the house. He was so sweet to me, that he made me forget all about the red haired woman.
The next day, I did nothing, absolutely nothing. I went to lay on the lawn and watched the clouds go by.
But of course, the mailman still knows our adress, and the bills still come in. Thankfully, Jason has gotten 2 promotions in a row, so we're not low on money.
Later that day, after his work, Jason sat me down to have a chat. He told me that he understands that I don't feel to good right now, and that he can understand that I'm not in the mood to go jub-hunting, but he wants me to do something about it. He told me that I don't need to look for a job, and that it's fine if I sort myself out first, but he wants the happy Ada back, the one he fell in love with.
Maybe he's right, maybe it's something I can do myself. So after our chat I started writing down everything that had happend to me, and what I was feeling. I know it may sound silly, but I already feel a little bit happier!

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  1. Poor Ada, nothing seems to be going right for her lately!