Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mishoen/Zang wedding - Winter 2012

Up Hill Church - SimsVille Up Hill
Winter 2012
We are together here today to celebrate the marriage of Xiang Zang and Tika Mishoen.
Both, the Zang family and the Mishoen family were invited to the curch to celebrate this joyful day with the couple. Unfortunatly not everybody was able to be there, Toa Zang and Xun Zang had to open their shop, but Xun's fiance; Tosca, was there. Yuan Zang missed it all too, but we don't know why. On the Mishoen side, Sya is still at university, she's in her 3rd year, so she wastn't in the church either, but she came to the gathering at the Mishoen house.
The couple looked amazing, exchanging their vows. They sealed their promisses with a kiss.
Afterwards they got an aplausse from their families when they turned to face them for the very first time as Mr and Mrs Mishoen!
They had a small get together in the room afther the church, where there was cake and champagne.
Then they headed back home to have the weddingpictures taken. This one is their official weddingpicture.
A picture of the whole weddingparty was also taken, of course. The bride and groom, her parents, Marc and Nuan, her sister, Sya and his mother, Yena.

Note: I know the last picture could have been beter, but it's the first time ever I took these kids of picture, and I think it quit good.
The last 2 pictures are also framed and are hanging on the wall of the livingroom.
Tika and Xiang will have a honeymoon at Three Lakes, those pictures will follow in a next update!
I think this is a nice way for me to do the weddings, but I'm not completely sure, I will do it like this always.


  1. What a lovely wedding! I like how the bride's hair matched her dress!

  2. Tika only has clothing that has some red in it, only to match her hair :-) so I figured that her weddingdress would have to match her hair too.

  3. I love the wedding as well, the photos are nice and clear and like Carla said, I like the hair/dress coordination.

  4. Xiang and Tika looked quite lovely for their wedding. Shame that not everyone could come, but at least they had some family and friends there. The wedding photos were quite nice, I like the cheek kissing one.