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de Leeuw 1 - Fall 2011

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The de Leeuw Family

Larissa is 54 and Elisa is 17
Larissa: These last couple of years, since Johnny died, it's just been Elisa and me, and soon she will leave me to go to university. Something both, her father and I, always wanted for her, but I wanted Johnny to be here to see her go.
I don't want to keep thinking about his death, but it's just something I do. We shared a part of our lives together, it's not something you forget easy. Things all got worse when Johnny's stepmother died too and left her 18-year old son alone. I had no idea what to do with it, and nobody to talk to about it, so I just didn't do a thing.
And, Elisa, I wish she would stop changing! One day she's wearing baggy pants, like she's a boy and the next she wearing tight jeans like a real lady, she's really amazing.
She got me inspired to do something different too. One day we went shopping together, and I let her pick my clothes, and I really like it.
Lately she has also been working hard to get into univeristy. Apparently she was behind on some homework and one of her teachers told her that if she didn't work harder, she wouldn't be able to go to university. I just wished she made some time for other things too. She hardly ever leaves the house or brings home friends. I'm not saying she doesn't have friends, because she has, but I want her to enjoy life to the fullest, and I don't thinks she's doing that right now.
Of course I wouldn't let her go to university before I checked everything, and before I was sure she would have everything she needed. I think every mother would do that, it's just a parent's job!
The night before she left, I turned 55. We didn't celebrate it with a big party, Elisa was just too nervous to think about anything else than her departure the next day.
She went to bed early, but I don't think it worked, I heard her walking around the house at 2 am. I just let her be, sitting with her would have made her even more nervous.
That morning we said goodbey. Elisa didn't want me to take her, she wants to do this on her own. So I didn't take the day off, and just went to work after a long hug goodbey. She promissed to let me know if she needed anything, so there was nothing more for me to do.
Later that day, after work, I came home to an empty house. Well, there is always Blob, but a dauther or a cat when you get home is a huge difference. Anyway, it's going to be like this for 4 years. Maybe I can search myself a hobby, or go out with some friends.
Elisa also mailed me to say that she got settled into a dorm, and her dormmates are settling in too, she send a picture of her with it. Again she changed and looks amazing! She will do fine, I just know it!

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