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Zanobi 1 - Winter 2012

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The Zanobi Family
Lucas and Sophie are 37, Emma is 6 and Julian is 1
Sophie: I know it wasn't such a great idea, but Lucas and I finanlly did something with the garden, put a fence around it, planted some trees and put down some swings. It wasn't a great idea, but it was OK. Afterall we live next to his brother, and they have amazing front yard, we need to be on the same level.
We are also tlaking about redoing our bedroom and putting down a new color in the livingroom. It's time for some changes, after all it hasn't been changed since Lucas' parents died. Lucas isn't too fond of the idea, but he will come around, once he sees the plans.
Enough talk about that, I will get my way eventually, on to the children now. There is no way you can't love Emma! She's such a doll. She's an amazing help around the house even though she's only 6. She makes her bed every morning, put away her dirty dish, and does her homework every day.
I love it when Lucas and Emma are watching TV together and are talking. Lucas isn't much of a talker, but Emma always gets him to chat with her about the silliest things!
Of course, there is Julian. The most adorable toddler in SimsVille, even in whole SimNation! He has the most amazing green eyes you've ever seen. Lucas keeps telling me that my eyes are the same, but I can't see that. I love putting him down for the night, he just waits for me to give him a good night kiss.
Of course we can't be with the kids every day, all day long, although I would love that, but then where would the money come from? Not that we make a lot of money with the restaurant, but for now we manage, and it's necessary that we open of course.
In the mean time, the kids stay with a nanny. Emma calls over some friends most of the time, or just does her homework or watches TV. Of course now with the swingset in the garden, she plays there a lot too.
Did you notice the new color on the livingroom walls?
The nanny is great for Julian, and for preparing food for Emma, but Emma told me that she thinks the nanny is lonely. Everytime she invites a friend over, the nanny comes to talk to that friend, and it can be really annoying sometimes! In a few years we don't need her services anymore, Emma will be old enough to stay home alone and even look after her little brother.

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