Monday, November 2, 2009

Mokara 1 - Round 5

The Mokara Family
Hans is 33, Yin is 30 and Melina is 1
Hans: I have to be honest, I was a little bit sceptical when Yin told me she wanted to move with her brother and sister. But there was nothing to keep me where we used to live, so I went along. And apparently is was for the best.
It gave us Melina, and she is the joy of our life. We want to give her a brother or sister, but the apartment we live, is too small for a second child. So right now, we are enjoying Melina as much as we can.
Of course, we can't forget our careers. Yin wants to be able to buy a house some day, and for that we need money of course, so getting promotions is important but not our main priority.
Soon enough we had a 4-year old on the house. It's amazing how much Melina looks like Yin. Yin on the other hand thinks she looks a lot like me.
It really doesn' matter who she looks most like, the important thing is, she's ours, and she still can be as loud as she was as a toddler, but she enjoys herself.
After Melina became a child, we both missed the little footsteps in the house, so we decided to go ahead, and try for another child.
Moving is still our main prioroty for now, the way the landlord keeps the outside, is just unacceptable, you can't raise a kid there! Too bad all the houses are already rented where Yins sister lives, one of those house would have been great!
Soon enough, Yin found out she's pregnant again. The urge to move is really high now! For now we still haven't found something, but I've heard that the hood is building some rental homes on the hill, so maybe that's something for us...

* In a previous round, one of the trees caught fire, and completly burned down. Now the landlord is constantly trying to get rid of the ashes, but can't reach them, so she's constantly screaming and waving and leaving everything else!
* They eventually found a house, but that one you will see in the next update!

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  1. If you turn on testingcheatsenabled, you might be able to shift-click on the ashes, force an error and delete them that way. It would shut your landlord up, at least!