Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Verbon 1 - Round 5

The Verbon Family
Olaf is 26 and Mia is 25
Olaf: Mia and I have been together since we were teens, and she still is the love of my life. Sometimes I fear that it's just a dream, and that I will wake up, and Mia will be gone. But untill now I'm still living in the dream.
After graduation, we found ourselfs a house, it's rental but fine for now. Mia inherrited something from her grandparents, as did her brother, and I had some small savings myself. After settling in, we decided not to wait any longer, and headed for the church to get married.
Back home we had our fist lunch as husband and wife. I keep thinking about the dream-thing, that Mia can't be my wife, that I don't deserver her, she could get so much beter than me, and yet, there she is, my wife!
After the lunch we went on our honeymoon. We went to Twikii Island. I know it's not a good thing to spend all our money, but after 4 years of university we deserved some relaxing!
We checked in at the best hotel of the island, right on the beach. The view from the room was just amazing!! It seemed like we could walk right into the sea from there!
We didn't do much when we were there. Some excusrions, visited some community lots, but most of the time we stayed at the hotel. We went to the beach a lot, not always dressed in our casual clothes of course.
Our dinners we almost always had at the hotel. The kitchen there was just great, we couldn't ask for anything more. The first night we toasted to our wedding, of course.
Back home, real life kicked in way too soon! Since Mia and I both don't have jobs yet, we started searching right away. Unfortunatly jobs are hard to find these days. I gues we have to keep looking.

Note: The Verbon-household is the only one that didn't have to pay taxes this round, there were others with really low taxes, but thanks to my own rules (taxes on property and income) Olaf and Mia were saved this round.

The Verbon-household is also the last household in round 5, and I finally caught up on my actual playtime, we will soon start round 6, but only after the necessary changes are announced!

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