Saturday, January 1, 2005

Zanobi 2

Dimitri is the youngest son of Virginie and Spephan Zanobi. He moved to SimsVille with his parents, and older brother, when he was just a child.
When Dimitri was a teen, he helped out in his parents restaurant, but he seen knew that wasn't what he wanted to do. When he finally turned 18 and met Andrea, they moved in together, and Dimitri opened his own pet shop, Animal Paradise.
Andrea used to work in the criminal track, but when she and Dimitri started their own family, she decided to quit that and focus on something else. She followed a course on the internet and eventually got her college degree. She now works in Simmeria in the business-track.
Andrea and Dimitri have 2 chilren together; Matthew and Marlys.
In 2026 Matthew succesfully finished college, and was discovered by a talentscout, who offered him a 2 year soccer-contract away from SimsVille.
Also in 2026 their daughter started college, leaving Dimitri and Andrea on their own to rediscover one another again.

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