Saturday, January 1, 2005

Young-Roque 1

Marcus Young's father was one of the sims who first moved to SimsVille. Louis came here with his son, Johnny and granddaughter, Mairi. Louis married Jessica, who was much younger than him, and they had one son together, Marcus. Since there was a huge age difference between Marcus and his older brother, they never had much contact. Nor did he have much contact with his oldest niece. He still has contact with his youngest niece, but they aren't that close.
After the death of his father, Jessica raised their only son. When Marcus was almost 18, his mother died, he was left on his own. And he followed his dream of becomming a famous basketballplayer. He lived with Ingrid Carette for a while, a girl who was 10 years older then him. They broke up because they both wanted other things in life. After than he dated Johanna (Belio) Penninkmeijer for a few months, but they broke up when she met Jack Penninkmeijer.
After that Marcus stayed sinlge for some years, before meeting Eleanora Roque, who is 13 years younger. Eleanora moved in with him in 2024, when she was still in college.
Depsite wanting children of his own, Marcus didn't hesitate when his best friend, Sya Gerrits, and her partner, Marie Gerrits, asked him to be a donor for their children (Felix, Caleb and Keira).
Eleanora Roque is the youngest daughter of Gunnar and Frieda Roque. She started dating Benny Min when she was still in high school, and their relationship continued when they both went to college. In the mean time she also met Marcus, and started dating him. Her break-up with Benny wasn't easy, especially since they had to live in the same dorm for the rest of the schoolyear. After moving to a different dorm the next year with her 2 friends, she eventually decided to move in with Marcus in Simmeria.

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