Saturday, January 1, 2005

Gradonni 1

Kürt, Debby, Abby, Reinout, Brian, Sarah and Simon in 2026

Kürt and Debby Gradonni were one of the founding families of SimsVille. They build a Gradonni Farm when they moved to SimsVille, and even though the house has changed quite a bit over the years, Debby and Kürt still live there.

Right after arriving Kürt opened his own business, Gradonni Markert, where he sells his own produce as well as fresh meals, made by Debby. Over the years more and more people found their way to Gradonni Market, and Kürt hired Mia Mertens, who's family has a farm as well, and so he was able to almost double their stock and sellings.

Debby and Kürt have 2 children, their twins Abby and Annie. Debby always wanted a large family but with the demands of the farm and the business, the couple decided it would be wise to stop at 2.
Their twins were some of the first babies born in SimsVille.

Both their girls went to college, where Annie met Erik Tora and Abby met Reinout Krielman, a guy pasionate about farming. The couple moved in with her parents when Abby finished college, so Reinout could help out on the farm.
Abby and Reinout aren't married, but in 2019 they welcomed their 1st son, Brian, in to their family. 5 years later they also welcommed twins, Sarah and Simon.

Kürt still runs the farm with the help of Reinout, and also runs the business, although Mia does an amazin job, and he doesn't need to go down there every day.
Debby is still a housewife, she took care of her own daughters, and now she's looking after Abby's kids when both Abby and Reinout are at work.
Abby is an architect in Simmeria, she wished she could live closer to her work, but realises that isn't possible with the farm. She also dit all the drawings for the house when they decided to expand it.

The original Gradonni Farm in SimsVille

Gradonni Farm after expanding to make it fit for a big family

 Gradonni Market in SimsVille

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