Saturday, January 1, 2005

Zanobi 1

The Zanobi family started out with Vigirnie and Stephan moving to SimsVille with their 2 sons, Lucas and Dimtri. Stephan and Virginie had the dream of starting a restaurant, and they opened Zanobi's. When their sons got older, they both helped out at the restaurant, untill Lucas eventually took over completely. Dimitri on the other hand moved out when he found and got engaged to Andrea van der Hoogen.
Lucas married his high school sweethaert, Sophie Mikkels. But before that big day, they welcommed their first child, Emma. When Emma was 5 years old, they expanded their family again with the birth of their son, Julian.
It was always the plan for Emma and Lucas to run Zanobi's together once Emma graduated from college. But faith had other plans for the family, when Lucas got seriously ill in 2023, and refused to go to the doctor untill it was too late. Lucas eventually died in the hospital.
A year later Emma moved to college, leaving Sophie alone with Julian.
The restaurant has changed a lot over the years.
Sophie still runs the restaurant, but only at nights, with the help of Emma, who works at the restaurant as a chef. During the day Sophie works as an estate agent.
Only a year after Lucas died, Sophie met Herman Davis. After some encouraging from Dimitri, she eventually went on a date with him, and they seem to hit it off, they are even discussing moving in together.

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