Saturday, January 1, 2005

Heaven 1

Dennis and Laura in 2024

Laura (Penninkmeijer) Heaven is one of the twin-girls of Bianca and Frederik Penninkmeijer, her twins sister is Gabriëlle Penninkmeijer.

Laura didn't go to college but decided to try and follow her dream of becomming a world-famous pianist.

After high school Laura, her sister, Gabriëlle and Laura's best friend, Tina Mishoen and her daughter, Zoey, decided to rent a house together in Simmeria.

In high school Laura started dating Matthew Zanobi, but they broke up when Laura was 15.
She met Dennis Heaven in 2021 on one of her lunchbreaks, and they hit it off immidiatly. In 2024 the couple got engaged and bought a house together in Simmeria.
In 2025 they got married, and one year later, in 2026 they welcomed their daughter, Lily into their family.

Dennis and Laura still live in Simmeria, and Laura's dream still is to become a world-famous pianist, though she's focussing more on their daughter at the moment.
Dennis works as a social worker in both Simmeria and SimsVille.

Laura and Dennis' house in Simmeria

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