Saturday, January 1, 2005

de Leeuw 1

Harald and Larissa with their kids, Brent and Ellen, in 2026

Elisa de Leeuw is the only daughter of Larissa and Johnny de Leeuw. Since bother her father and grandfather, Louis Young, remarried late she's closer in age to her cousin, Marcus Young, than she is to her half-sister, Maïri Wagtmans. Though the 2 became pretty close after the birth of their daughters in 2025.

Elisa met Harald Jaser right after she graduated college, and broke up with her boyfriend, Jack Penninkmeijer, in 2017. Harald was a friend of her roommate, Kenneth Warner.
After Kenneth moved out, the couple continued living in the apartment in Simmeria. And a year after they got together, they got engaged, though waited another 2 years to get married in 2020.
Right before they got married, Elisa and Harald moved in to Elisa's childhood house in SimsVille, which they renovated quite a bit.
In 2025 they got the news that the house construtions weren't solid and they were forced to move. They decided to stay in SimsVille, and build a house in South SimsVille (with room for a growing family).

In 2021 the couple welcomed their 1st child, Brent. And 4 years later, in 2025, their family expanded once again with the birth of their daughter, Ellen.

Elisa works at the SimsVille Elementary School, where she teaches grades 4 to 6. Harald works as a lawyer. He mostlu works in the office in SimsVille, but occasionally has to go to Simmeria for meetings and court trails.

Elisa's childhood house, beofre the renovations

The house after the renovations 

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