Saturday, January 1, 2005

Gerrits 1

Marie, Sya, and their kids, Felix, Keira and Caleb in 2026

Sya Gerrits is the youngest daughter of Marc and Nuan Mishoen, who came to SimsVille years ago. She was born when her older sister, Tika, was almost a teen, but even though there's an age-difference of 8 years between them, Sya and Tika have very good relationship.

Sya met Marie Gerrits when they were both in college, and it was love at first sight. Right after Sya graduated, they moved in together in a small house in Simmeria. They got married in 2018, but waited to start a family untill Sya finished medical school.

In 2021 the couple decided they didn't want to adopt, but work with a donor instead. They asked Sya's best friend, Marcus Young, to be a donor, and he said yes. They started treatment and welcomed Felix in 2021.
In 2023 they decided to go through treatment once more, and were blessed with twins, Caleb and Keira in 2024.

With the expanding of their family, Sya and Marie needed a bigger house, and they so they moved in 2019. Since Sya works at Simmeria Hospital, and is on call often, they stayed in Simmeria. They still live in that house, though they did some renovation work on it during the years.

Sya works as a doctor at Simmeria Hospital, and Marie is the principal of SimsVille Elementary School.

Sya and Marie's first house in Simmeria

The house they bought to fit their growing family (before renovation)

 And the house after the renovation

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