Saturday, January 1, 2005

Roque 2

Gunnar Roque and Ella Rai met at college, where he started dating her best friend Frieda Dekkers. Despite loving the women Gunnar soon settled down with Frieda, or at least that's what she thought. After college he and Frieda moved to SimsVille and moved in together and Gunnar opened 'Roque', a nightclub in SimsVille. At that time he also started seeing Fen Mishoen. That relationship broke off when Fen gave birth to their son, Nio, who Gunnar decided not to meet because he didn't want to tell Frieda about his affair. A few months later Gunnar proposed to Frieda, who happily accepted. And again a few years later Frieda and Gunnar welcomed their first daughter, Françoise.Ten years later their family got even bigger with the birth of their second daughter, Eleanora.
When their eldest unexpectedly got pregnant at 19, they welcommed her boyfriend, Yuan Zang, in their house as well, along with their 2 grandsons, George and Charles.
There have been some moments when Nio and Gunnar tried to get a relationship, but neither of them are very comitted in making it work.
Ella's big love has always been Gunnar, but he was always more interested in other girls, and he seemed to have found love with Frieda. Since Frieda was Ella's best friend, Ella never acted on her love for Gunnar, and instead tried to find love somewhere else. She thought she found it in Berend Lillig, and for a while they were pretty happy together, especially when their daughter, Madeleine, was born. But soon they drifted apart and they broke up because Berend was seeing other women as well. Ella also started her own business, Rai Arts, a shop specialised in art and hand crafted pots and vases. When Maddie was older she joined her mother in the shop.
Not long after Frieda's death in 2021, Gunnar met with Ella again, and one thing lead to another. In November 2022 they decided to get married very fast, and they left for a trip around the world.
After finding out the Gunnar's eldest daughter gets married, and that Ella's daughter is expecting her first child in 2026, the couple decides to move back to Simmeria to be around their families a little bit more. They now live in a small house in Simmeria, where Gunnar plans to open a musicstore, while Ella still works at Rai Arts with her daughter.

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