Saturday, January 1, 2005

Belio 1

Bram and Ling in 2026
Bram and Ling moved to SimsVille when their daughter, Johanna, was only a toddler.
They moved here together with Ling's brother and sister, Quan and Yin, to raise their kids away from the big city. When Jo was 10 years old, the family expanded with the birth of their twin boys, Stephan and Steven.

Jo wasn't an easy teen, but eventually made it to college, and married Jack Penninkmeijer in April 2021. In 2022 Jo and Jack had their son, Eli, giving Bram and Ling their first grandchild.
Steven also made it to college, but his twin-brother didn't. Stephan however did move out to try and make it on his own.

Soon after moving to SimsVille, Bram opened Belio's Bunk, a toy store, in SimsVille, while Ling started out as a housewife. When the kids got older she got a job in housekeeping.
Despite the succes of the store, the family never was able to buy their own house untill 2026.

The house Bram and Ling bought in 2026

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