Saturday, January 1, 2005

Min 1

Quan and Chu came to SimsVille together with his sisters and their families. Their daughter Anna was only 2 when they moved. Quan kept his job as a gamedesigner, but was able to move to office to Simmeria. Chu started her political career in SimsVille, aspiring the position of mayor one day. She hasn't yet reached that goal, but she hopes to get there with the elections of 2026.
Chu and Quan already had Anna when they moved to SimsVille, but when Anna was 6, they expanded their family with a son, Benny. When they were 54 and 53, Quan and Chu decided to adopt a child, something no one in their families ever expected them to do. They got through, and in 2024 they welcomed another son into their family, Florian. By that time both Anna and Benny had moved out.
Anna surprised them all by getting pregnant unexpectedly at college when she was only 19. Followed by another unexpected pregnany a year later. After college she opened her own bookstore at SVU and got married to the father of her children, when she was already expecting their 3rd child.

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