Saturday, January 1, 2005

de Leeuw - Lillig 1

Berend and Larissa in 2025

Larissa de Leeuw married Johnny Young when he first moved to SimsVille. They had one daughter together, Elisa, and Johnny also had a daughter from a previous marriage, Mairi, but she never lived with them, since she was almost 18 by the time Johnny and Larissa got married. Seeing Johnny was quite a bit older than Larissa he died when Elisa was only a teen. Larissa raised their dautgher on her own. She found love again in Berend Lillig when Elisa was already in college.

Berend Lillig is the former boyfriend of Ella Roque. They moved in together rather quickly, and have one daughter together, Madeleine. Despite living with Ella, Berend kept looking around and couldn't resist temtation in the form of Emily Robins (playable NPC). He broke up with Ella, and moved in with Emily. This was never Emily's plan, and the couple couldn't make it work, so they broke up as well.

Not long after their break-up Berend met Larissa, and started dating her.
They have been together for several years now, but still aren't married. They bought a house in The Ardens, and spend all of their free time there. Sometimes they even bring the family.
They used to live in a rental in Simmeria, but in 2026 the couple bought a small house in SimsVille. Since the arrival of their grandchildren, they wanted to be able to be closer to them whenever they aren't in The Ardens.

Larissa and Berend's cabin in The Ardens

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