Saturday, January 1, 2005

Mishoen 1

Lin-Mei and Gruns were one of the first ones to move to SimsVille all those years ago. Gruns and Lin-Mei opened their own gym. After their death Fen took over, but despite liking fitness, Fen eventually sold the place to focus more on a stable career.
Gruns and Lin-Mei's 2 daughters, Nuan and Fen,  decided to move with their parents. Nuan was already married to Marc by that time, and the couple already had a daughter of their own, Tika.
Fen, on the other hand, was kind of a wild one. She decided to stay with her parents, when her sister and her family moved to the house next door. Soon after moving to SimsVille Fen met Gunnar Roque, and she started seeing him. When she got pregnant, she hoped Gunnar would choose her over his girlfriend, but he stayed with his collegesweetheart, Frieda. Fen gave bith to their son by herself. She always resented him for ruining things for her and his father, and she was never able to to forgive him, even though she did know it really wasn't Nio's fault. Nio was mostly raised by his grandparents.
A few months after Nio's birth, Fen met Goofy, and not long after their first meeting, Goofy moved in. Even though Fen never had a lot of attention for Nio, Goofy always had time to spend with Nio. It seemed like Goofy was the one for Fen, because after a few years Goofy and Fen got married. And despite her bad relationship with Nio, Fen gave in to Goofy's pleads for a child of his own, and they had Tina.
Nio moved out as soon as he could. He didn't go to college, and married his older girlfriend Stella, who he later has 3 kids with.
Tina kind of took after her mother, and got pregnant at 19, from a guy who left town when he heard he would become a father.
Despite not being the best mom, Fen is a devoted grandmother to her 4 grandchildren. She and Goofy try to spend as much time with them as possible, and even moved to Simmeria, because both the kids live there, to be closer to their grandchildren. They take them out on trips and arrange sleep-overs.
Fen's relationship with her son is better now, although it will never be perfect.

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