Saturday, January 1, 2005

Mishoen 2

Marc and Nuan came to SimsVille when Nuan's parents decided to move there. By the time they movedto SimsVille theit daughter, Tika, was a toddler, and they thought it would be nice to raise her in a calm neighborhood.
Marc had a college degree history and decided to go work for a law firm in downtown Simmeria. Nuan opened her own salon, 'My Salon', in SimsVille.
When Tika was 8, Marc and Nuan decided to have another child, and Sya was born. Despite the age difference and the differences in their characters, Tika and Sya always had a pretty good bond.
Unlike her older sister, Sya went to college and got a degree in mathematics. After college she met her wife, Marie and they moved in together in Simmeria, later adding 3 children to their household.
Tika didn't go to college. She had been helping her mother in the salon since she was old enough, and so she decided to stay and help instead of going to college, so she could one day take over the salon. Tika met Xiang when he was still going to college. He finished his studies when they were dating, and they got married in 2012. Nine months later they welcomed their first son, Lewis to their family. Later adding Johua and Michael as well. The family kept living with Tika's parens, which was just next to Xiang's parents, and so their sons grew up with their grandparents.
In 2024 Tika and Xiang broke up. After having some minor troubles, Xiang said he couldn't deal anymore and left, he immidiatly filed for divorce as well, which left Tika heartbroken. Their sons now live part time with Tika and part time with Xiang.

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