Saturday, January 1, 2005

Draper 1

Jason and Lucas in 2026

Jason Draper moved to SimsVille with his sister, Mia, and their grandparents, Eve and Jonas, after their mother, Marie, died. He went to college and lived alone for a while after graduation.
Jason had many girlfriends back then, one of them being Kristianne Spits (playable NPC). Who broke off their relationship after finding out she was pregnant, and didn't see Jason as a fit father. She never told him about the pregnancy, and he never knew he was a dad to twins, Anabel and Anthony, untill they wanted to meet him in 2025.

After his break-up with Kristianne, he went back to the girl he went to college with, Ada van Straten (playable NPC).  They ended up buying a house in Simmeria, they have 1 son, Lucas, and Jason opened his business, Cup Of Cake.

Ada and Jason broke up in 2022, because they both knew they wanted different things from life. Ada wanted to get married and have more children, which wasn't something Jason wanted. Jason got the business and Ada got the house.
Jason lived in an apartment for some time, but after selling his business he was able to buy a small house. Lucas lives 3 days week with his dad.

In 2025 Jason started the plans for opening a new business, this time a catering company. Food à la Draper is located in Simmeria and will have a festive opening in 2026

Jason with his sister, Mia, and their grandparents, Eve and Jonas when they first moved to SimsVille

The house Ada and Jason bought together in Simmeria (Ada still lives there)

Jason's house in Simmeria

Food à la Draper in Simmeria

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