Saturday, July 23, 2011

Warner - February 2020

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The Warner Family
Lawrence is 25, Kenneth is 24
(Frederik is 65, Bianca is 60, Harald is 28, Jack and Elisa are 25 and Johanna is 22)
Narrated by Kenneth
The only thing on our minds lately is the wedding. One of us sometimes tries to brung the subject to something else, but we always end up back at the wedding.
But I think that's understandle, seeing the wedding is already next month! Lawrence is always walking around with a notebook, to write down whatever he thinks of at that moment.
His parents come by quite a lot as well. They are helping us out with the planning, and his mum doesn't like to talk about these kind of things over the phone.
Lawrence's dad had some trouble when Lawrence first told him he's gay, but he's comfortable with it now. Planning a wedding though really isn't his thing. He comes along with Bianca, but read the paper when we talk about it. Lawrence tries to talk about it with him, but you can see he really doesn't care about it.
There was one this we had to deal with before the wedding; making sure Jo and Elisa weren't going to kill each other, afer what happend some years ago. We wanted them both at the wedding, Jo is Jack's fiancé, and Elisa is one of my best friends.
And since they are both going to be part of the bridal party, we needed them to be able to stand each other. They both asured us that they were mature enough to get through it, as long as we didn't expect them to be best friends.
It seemed like they were right, because when we invited them all over to talk them trhough the last things, there weren't any incidents.
I can't believe we're already getting married next month! Lawrence and I went to the venue one last time, to decide on the final decorations, and just to look at the venue one last time, before the big day.

  • This one certainly is shorter than what I was expecting, but everything that had to be said is said.
  • Elisa and Jo don't hate eachother anymore, but I thought I'd add it to the update. Seeing Jack once cheated on Elisa with Jo, I didn't think it would be easy on Elisa to be around them at the wedding.


  1. What an exciting time for Lawrence and Kenneth! Not long to go at all now. :D

    It's really good to see Elisa and Jo have put aside their differences as well. It would be awful for Lawrence and Kenneth to have their wedding ruined by someone else's drama.

    I laughed at Frederik reading the paper during the wedding planning! What a typical dad, lol!

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  3. Can't for the wedding! Should be beautiful! Hopefully Jo and Elisa will be able to keep being civil to eachother though.

    I love the new banner, it's very pretty. :)