Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brithdays - January 2020

Tosca and Xun Zang are enjoying the snow this winter, and try to take their 3 children, Ross, Mona and Nora, out as much as they can.
At the same time they are couting down the months untill the birth of their 4th child in July.
They both feel like time is flying by too fast, especially seeing their twin girls turn 4. Nora will start school this year.
Joining her will be her sister, Mona.
 Another new student at SimsVille Up Hill Elementary School this year is Bethany Alenis.
Starting Simmeria High School this year is Stephan Belio. Since he wants to be an athlete one day, he feels like school is wasted on him as the moment.
His twinbrother, Steven, is joining him at Simmeria High. He too feels like school is wasted on him at the moment, but since he has no idea what he wants from his life when he's older, except lots of girls, he's going to try his best.
Another new student at Simmeria High is Marlys Zanobi. She likes to be the centre of the attention, but knows that might not pay the bills later on.
Turning 18 but not going to university, is Gabriëlle Penninkmeijer. She's working hard at being an artist, and teaches art at SimsVille Up Hill Elementary and Simmeria High.
Gabriëlle and her twin sister, Laura Penninkmeijer, will be living with their parents untill they can afford to have a place on their own. Just like her sister, Laura isn't going to university, but unlike her sister she hopes to make enough money with music.
Johanna Belio is done with university, she graduated in Drama, and hopes to find a job as an actress or in entertainment.
Johanna lives with her boyfriend, Jack Penninkemeijer. The 2 of them will get married in April 2021.

  • Mona looks a lot like her older brother, Ross, it's funny that she and Nora are twins and that Mona and Ross look more alike.
  • Both Steven and Stephan Belio are romance sims. Marlys Zanobi is popularity.
  • I know it's not nice of me to say, but I think Gabriëlle isn't a pretty sims, I kept hoping she would turn out great when she grew up, but it kept like this. She looks a lot like her older brother, Lawrence, but with him I can hide it with a beard. Laura on the other hand I think is pretty sim :)
  • Jo still is a very good looking sim, I think she will always be. I can hardly wait untill she has children.
  • New shedule for round 11 is up. I've also updated the student index for 2021, and I hope to have finished all the profiles by the time this post is up.
  • I've done some changes to the blog; make it wider, new fond, bigger pictures, ... I hope you all like it :)


  1. Gabrielle is definitely a very unique looking makes for some variety in the game. Laura is quite pretty though, such a big contrast between the two. So many birthdays this time!

  2. Aww, Nora and Mona are adorable and I can't wait for Johanna's wedding

  3. Mona and Nora both have great looks. I love how they resemble each other strongly but they're not clones.

    Poor Gabrielle. Maybe you could write in some plastic surgery, lol. I don't think she's really so bad though. Her features are proportional - it's just that her mouth and nose are quite far apart.

    I'm glad Johanna kept her earrings. ;) I'm so excited about her wedding. What a fun time for her - graduating and getting married!

  4. Such cute little kids! Nora is absolutely adorable. Lots of sims with black hair in your hood, for sure. I have a ton of them too. That black hair spreads like wildfire!

    I feel bad for poor Gabrielle! Especially since she has such a gorgeous twin sister. Lol, but like Carla said, it's nothing a little plastic surgery can't fix!

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone!!!

    Mizzgin03 I think that's what bugs me the most, that Laura and Gabriëlle are so different! But you're right it make for some variety.

    Apple Valley I'm looking for for Jo and Jack's wedding, but it's going to be something for next simyear!

    Carla Mona is more Ross' clone then she is Nora's :) but they both look good.
    I was thinking that as well for Gabriëlle but I'm still not sure about it. She's not that bad, but I hate it that she looks so different from her sister!
    Jo woulnd't be Jo without those earrings! :)

    Mandie I have too many black haired sims!! I'm trying to do something about it, but it takes time I think :)
    I'm still not sure if I'll be changing Gabriëlle's appearence we'll see :)

  6. I was thinking along the same lines as you with Gabriëlle, poor girl, her twin sister definitely got the looks...

    You had a ton of birthdays, and I do like your new look and photo size! It's very bright and open, and inviting! :) I think Mona and Nora steal the show in this one, they are too adorable!!