Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wagtmans 1 - November 2019

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The Wagtmans Family
Harry is 50, Mairi is 49, Camden is 9 and Collin is 8
Narrated by Mairi
I was proud when I was finally able to move to our new house on SimsVille Avenue in Simmeria. I've been working really hard for this, and it really made me proud to have done this. After that my life didn't calm down, the opening of the firm in Simmeria was near, and there was still a lot to do.
But finally the bog day was here. Max Landgraab and his wife Helène proudly opened the firm, and Max handed over the daily management to me.
There were foods and drinks, and Max toasted on me and the form. Stella Terrano, from the SimsVille Daily was there too, and promissed a nice peace in the paper.
I was happy to have Harry by my side that day. He always makes me feel special, and that day was no exception.
After the opening this finally calmed down, and Harry didn't even want to talk about anything related to work.
 I can really enjoy being home alone. I have to leave for work later than the others, so this means I can make sure the kids are ready, and have a nice breakfast when they left.
Not that Camden and Collin need much help or attention. They are 9 and 8 years old, and are starting to be more independent. I sometimes miss it, them being dependent, but I'm also happy they are growing up.
They help around the house, and are old enought to be responsible for some chores.
Harry and I have been talking about having another kid. We haven't had this discussion for several years, but now we are both thinking that a third one would be nice. We decided not to do anything to prevent it, but aren't going to try for it either.

  • This update turned out shorter than I expected it to be. This time I took a lot more pictures, but most of them were for the house tour, and not useable for the update. I told everything that has happened though :)
  • Both Harry and Mairi's ideal family size is 3, so I took them both of birth control. When they first moved in, Harry rolled the want for another child, but they haven't tried for one just yet. I have a feeling it won't happen for there 2 anymore though, Mairi's already 49... Though I would have like a girl from these 2 :)


  1. It didn't seem very short so you did a great job with the writing. Good writing can make updates seems longer when there aren't as many pics. A girl would have been nice, but the boys are very cute and seem to be such good kids!

  2. I love that you had a grand opening for the office! That's awesome! It looks like it was a very elegant and enjoyable evening for all involved.

    Family Sims are kind of funny. It's like they get to middle age and they start panicking that they haven't had enough kids yet, so they want more! Zelda has the constant want for another baby and she's 50 something. Tatiana rolled it too, last time I played her. It's crazy. But anyway, I've had a Sim older than Mairi fall pregnant though, so you never know - they just might get that third child!

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting guys!

    Mizzgin03 Thank you so much for the complint, I never see myself as a good writer!
    They still have a little bit of time before it really is too late, so maybe I'll get my girl here :)

    Carla There weren't much guests, but it was nice. I've talked about this building and it being drawn and such that I had to include it :)

    They still have some time before it's really too late, so maybe it will happen :)