Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthdays - March 2020

Ingrid and Claus were having a quiet day at home when Ingrid went into labor. She has helped lots of women with it before so she knew what to expect.

Boyfriend Claus on the other hand, had no clue what to do. He just couldn't stom smiling with the thought of almost being able to hold his baby, but first he had to rush them both to the hospital.
A few days later they were able to bring home the baby boy, Oscar Lamberts. Even though Ingrid never was much into children, she immidiatly fel in love with her son.
Claus is practically the same! Both parents can't stop cooing over their little boy.
One month later than his cousin, Brian Gradonni, little Owen Tora is also celebrating his 1st birthday.


Last time when we saw Ingrid and Claus, they went shopping for a nursery. I thought I might share whant they eventually choose.

  • I don't know why, and I don't know how but little Oscar got an even darker skintone than his mother! I like it though, but I just think it's strange. Another strange thing with this little one is that he has brown hair and not black, yet again I like it, but I just think it's strange :)
  • I like little Owen, I think he's cutie :) He looks like his mother, at least that's what I think :)


  1. Owen looks adorable!

    The reason Oscar got a skintone darker than his mother's is the way Jessi geneticized her skintones - The numbers are off. You should follow a tutorial somewhere here about geneticizing skintones or else you could even have two s4 sims have a baby lighter than s1.

    And I think he's supposed to have brown hair. In hair Black = Brown and Blonde = Red, so if you have black haired and brown haired sims try for a baby it has an equal chance to have black or brown hair.

  2. Oooh! Babies! I can't wait to see how Oscar grows up. Happy Birthday to both him and Owen!

  3. Oh I love little Owen's freckles! They are adorable :). And Oscar's little nursery is cute!

  4. Finally Ingrid and Claus's baby is here! I can't wait to see what Oscar looks like when he gets older.

    Owen is just about the most adorable thing ever! I love that he's inherited his mother's freckles.

  5. Oh, Owen is so cute!

    Congratulations to Ingrid and Claus!