Monday, July 11, 2011

Round 11 ROS

ROS this round is quite doable, though I would have loved to see it without the death-ROS in it...

* Death by illness - As I said I would have loved my ROS without this one!

* Family reunion: invite as many family members over on the lot - I'm kind of looking forward to this one, though I'm not completely sure thus family is big enough for my sims to get the "family reunion"-memory.

* Completely silly fight (highest relationship) - This one will have to involve some creative writing which is something I suck at, but we'll where we'll get :)


  1. I have yet to roll a death ROS and I am not looking forward to it at all!!! I'm sure you'll be able to come up with something for the right.

  2. Oh no, death! I'm scared of ever rolling that one, lol. But I love seeing how other people work it into their game play. I didn't even know there was a family reunion memory! Sheesh, I've been playing this game forever and had no clue. Now I'm going to have to try to get it!

  3. Oh no, a death! I had to roll my own ROS right after I saw yours. I couldn't wait any longer to find out if I had to kill anyone off, lol!

    And you do not suck at creative writing! I'm sure you'll be able to write in something good for the fight ROS.

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone!!

    Mizzgin03 I'm keeping my fingers crossed you don't get one soon, it's my second round with ROS, and it's the second time I get a death one!

    Mandie Death ROS was the reason I waited 10 round before starting with it, and now I have 2 in a row :(
    The family reunion memory sims get when they have a lot of their family over, but I don't know how many exactly :)
    The game still is a surprise for me too :)

    Carla Now I want to know if you're going to have to kill one of your sims! lol!
    Thanks, I do my best, but I'm not a writer, I'm glad you don't think I suck at it :)

  5. Bummer on the death ROS, but the rest should be fun, and your writing is perfectly fine!! What the heck kind of talk is that!?! :p

    I wonder how many is needed for the memory, I've gotten it a few times without effort, just cause they were giant families.

    And hey! You can use the family reunion for the N99 challenge!!