Saturday, July 30, 2011

Alenis - March 2020

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The Alenis Family
Adam is 23, Mariëtte is 26 and Bethany is 4
Narrated by Mariëtte
It was nice when Bethany finally started school. I was happy she was a little bit more independant, but on ther other hand I missed my little girl.
Sometimes she gets up a little bit too early, but she entertain herself. Most of the time she follows Snow around the house and plays with her a little bit.
She's very good at playing on her own, and almost never asks any attention from me. Which makes it easy for me to work on my creations.
I love the moments when I get home from work, and she runs out to greet me, it's a great way to forget about everything at work.
Even though she doesn't mind spending time on her own, and plays on her own all the time, I try to spend as much time with her as I can.
She also gets along really well with Adam, which was very important to me.
Some months ago, Adam and I decided to move in together, he was spending all of his time at my place anyway. And since the apartment was getting to cramped we've put together our savings, took out a small loan and bought this house.
 Everything is working out great. Adam helps out around the house, and he really adores Bethany. It's all I could ask for.
I love those dinner with the 3 of us, it really gives me this family-feeling, which is something I've missed before.
And even though I still miss Bethany an awful lot when she's with Bai, it's bearable.
Some months after moving in together, Adam asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes! We haven't set date yet, but we know already it's not going to be a big fancy wedding!

  • I'm really over-using these houses! But I really like them! There are 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a very open ground floor, they even have a small garden, and it costs under §20.000, it's great. I have 3 of them in my hood, and only 3 of them are vacant at the moment :)
  • Mariëtte's apartment was getting way too small, so I had to move her, to make it all a little bit easier I moved Adam in with her, not long after that they both rolled the want to get engaged, so I let him ask her :)
  • Both Mariëtte and Adam don't have any family, Mariëtte only has Bethany, so I will be showing you pictures of their wedding in a birthday-post, like I do with my playable NPC's.
    After the wedding, which I think will be in January, Adam will officially be a playable, and will have his own profile.


  1. Aw, I'm glad these two are getting married. It's fantastic that Adam gets along so well with Bethany as well. Kids don't always accept a new partner so smoothly.

    Is this a house you built? I might have missed (or forgotten) where you talked about it. But anyway, I'm not one to talk about overusing houses! I have five of my brownstones in my hood and three are occupied. I also have six of Maisie's brownstones, with three occupied. ;)

  2. How exciting for them! I'm so glad that Bethany is accepting of Adam, that will make it all the nicer when the wedding is past, and they are in a normal routine. I love Bethany's pajamas, she's adorable catching the butterflies too.

  3. Bethany is so sweet! It's good that the three of them get along so well.

  4. Aw, congratulations to them on the engagement! I'm glad that Adam and Bethany get along well, I'm sure that makes Mariëtte feel good about marrying him. :)

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting guys!

    Apple Valley me too :)

    Carla Both Adam and Bethany are pretty nice sims, but it's still good when sims act normal :)

    Yep it's a house built, I don't know if I've ever shown it before. It's a fake-rowhouse.
    I've only recenly put in Maisie's rowhouses, so non occupied yet, I'm sure they will get overused one day too :)

    maisie Bethany's pyjama's are by simsisters at TSR, and I absolutely love them :) I have to be carefull not to overuse them :)

    Driftwood Valley Bethany is adorable, I agree with you :)
    It's a plus they all get along, but none of them are mean sims, so I wasn't too worried about this family :)

    Shana I'm sure it's a load of Mariëtte's shoulders that Bethany is getting along this well with Adam.

  6. It's always a good thing when your kid gets along with your boyfriend. Bethany seems like such a sweet little girl, her and Adam seem to get along fine. I can't wait for the wedding pictures!

  7. Thanks for reding coolkat2! Don't expect too much of the wedding, they both don't have any family so it won't be much :)