Monday, November 1, 2010

Penninkmijer 2 - Spring 2017

The Penninkmeijer Family
Jack and Lawrence are 22
(Frederik Penninkmeijer is 62, Bianca Penninkmeijer is 57, Elisa de Leeuw is 22, Kenneth Warner is 21 and Johanna Belio is 19)
Narrated by Lawrence

Living with my brother, it was something we already planned when we were still children. Dispite our diffrences we are still twins, and best friends. And it's all going very well.
Mom was a little bit sceptical about the whole idea, her biggest wish is to have all her children under one roof, but that just isn't going to happen anymore. So instead Jack and I inveted her to check the place. She seemed ok with it in the end. Jack announced his new careerplan too, he wants to join the fire department, mom just laughed, I don't think she took him serious.
 Dispite the fact that Jack finally knows what he wants to do with his life no job opportunity has come up yet. So he took a job as a bartender in the mean time. This means he's home during the day while I'm at work.
He spends his time with his girlfriend a lot when she's not at work. They have been together for 3 years now and it all seems to go great.
I just don't know what he's up to. He takes out this other girl a lot, Jo or something, and it's not just as friends but as something much more than that.
It could only go wrong once he decided to take the other girl home. Because Elisa does this surprise visits sometimes, not to check up on Jack but just to surprise him. 
Elisa was fusious, but who could blame her? She slapped Jack in the face and yelled at him, and eventually broke up with him. He couldn't come up with an explanation, but there was nothing to say about it.
Jo went downstait during the discussion, but she stuck around. After Elisa left Jack went downstairs as well, and hugged her. I don't think he minded the break-up all that much, but the way it went wasn't what he wanted for Elisa. Anyway, now Jack and Jo are still together.
My relationship with Kenneth is going well. He doesn't have much time to come by and visit, because he's in his last year at uni and really needs to work hard. But when he comes by, Jack makes sure he isn't home.
On one of our rare outings to the marina, Kenneth fell donw on one knee all of a sudden, and proposed. I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean, we have discussed in the past, but never made a desicion about it. I gues Kenneth eventually made it for the both of us.
Since we are now engaged, I thought it was time for mom and dad to finally meet Kenneth. I was a little bit scared to introduce him to dad. Mom is fine with everything, as long as her kids are happy. But dad can be such  snob. But when Kenneth started talking about what he wanted to do after uni I knew everything would be fine. Dad can't have a problem with a doctor in the family.
Diner afterwards went fine as well. There was one uncomfortable moment, when dad asked about Jack and his girlfriend, because I don't know what Jack told them, but dad saved the day started talking about Kenneth's grades.
I talked to him about it the other day when we went to the gym together, and he assured me he would talk to mom and dad about it, but that he didn't had time for it yet.

Sims and fishtanks! A rather large lot, and 1 fishtank and they all gather around to watch those fish swim around!

  • Some time afther Jack and Jo started dating he rolled the want to marry Jo, and she has the fear of being rejected by him. He never rolled that want for Elisa, and she never rolls those kind of wants for Marcus (her current boyfriend), so that was my sign :) Unfortunatly for Elisa she had to find out this way. I don't  know what I'm going to do with Marcus yet.
  • Funny thing: Elisa had the want to become best friends with Jo during this session, needless to say that it rolled away the moment she caught them in bed together.
  • I desided on Jack's career by Carla's and Appel's awesom system for choosing a career. Unfortunatly firefigther hasn't come up yet, but he's now working as a bartender, which came on the second place with the system.
  • Kenneth and Lawrence have been together for 2 years now, and they both had to want to get engaged, but I think it will take some time for them to get married, I want Kenneth to meet the whole Penninkmeijer family first, and there is a lot of family to meet, and they both need to work to get some money before they will be moving in together.


  1. Aw, congratulations to Kenneth and Jack! They're still young, so there's plenty of time to get married. Why not enjoy being engaged for a while?

    Jack and Jo seem happy together (is that them in your banner?) but I have to feel sorry for poor Elisa. What a way to find out! I hope she finds someone else to make her happy.

  2. Poor Elisa, even if they were both moving on, there were plenty of better ways to find out!

    I hope things work out well for all the couples, and that the firefighter career pops up soon.