Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now What? - February 2020

Now What?
Samantha Bradshaw is 25
(Anna Min is 20)
Well, here she was again, a new place, another railwaystation, another mess left behind. She tryed to fix it, but it still was kind of a mess. And yet again she ran, she ran as fas as she could think of. She knew thar running away isn't always the bad thing to do, but for some reason it never felt right either.

The fist few hours at this new place she just sat there. On a bench in the middle of the railwaystation, just thinking about what to do next. Some people came to ask her is she was alright if she needed anything. She knew they were just friendly, but she was getting tired of it. 
Tired of telling them she was ok, that there was nothing she needed, at least not at this moment, she was just thinking, thinking about what to do know. She didn't know what to do know. It was hard convincing people of it, when she wasn't convinced herself.
There was this one person that came up to her, she didn't say a thing, she just sat next to her. She has no idea why they started talking, maybe because she looked so lost, so out of place here, but they did.
They talked about everything. About her past, and that she had no clue what she was going to now, that she had no place to go, that she just steped on the first train and got off on the last stop. That she just wanted everything to be normal, to have a normal life, but that it always ended different, in a mess.
 They talked about Anna's life, how nothing went as planned, how it all became some kind of a mess when became pregnant with Alex, not that she doesnt love her little boy and the new baby on the way, but it's not what she planned or wanted at her age. How her plans of opening a bookstore are going to be put on hold, because it's hard with 2 little children and a working boyfriend, and how she sometimes just walks, just to get away from it all.
At some point, Anna really needed to get home, they had called her on her celphone more than once to check up on her and to know when she would be home, but they agree on meeting the next day; Samantha is new and could use a guid, and Anna knows the place.
 She still had no place to sleep, she was hungry and didn't know where to find a decent place to eat. Wandering around the streets of Simmeria seemed like the perfect thing to do, to find what she needed at that moment, food and a bed.
It seemed like the whole world wasn't agains her after all, because after only 10 minutes she found a hotel with a restaurant. It wasn't much, it wasn't fancy, it's wasn't expensive, it was just what she needed at the moment, food and a bed.
There was a badroom, and it was clean, and they even provided books if you wanted one, it was even more then she could ask for.
The next day, they met again, and they started talking again. It seemed like they were long time friend instead of 2 people who just met yesterday at the railwaystation. She wanted to know more about Anna's plans, the ones she had about the bookstore.
Anna starts talking about her plans, that the whole reason she went to study literature, so she could one day open her own bookstore, and maybe even in the long run, sell her own books there, but everything has been put on hold, Anna's boifriend works full time, and they can't depend on his parents all the time, and with a second baby on the way time just doesn't seem right.
Anna even takes her down to the lot she had in mind for the shop. She tels her it used to be a bookstore before and that she just wants to restore it, have a small coffeecorner, and reading nook, during weekend there can even be storymoments for children. While peeking through the windows she gets an idea, and asks Anna to meet her later today, for lunch.
During lunch she tells Anna her plans. Even though they may sound crazy, since they only met yesterday, but she could help Anna start the place, and even, if she's still here by then help her run it. Anna is overwhelmed by the idea, but likes it at the same time, she has to talk it over with her boyfriend before making it final, but she promisses to let her know as soon as possible.

  • So Samantha arrived in SimsVille. I know this isn't my ussual writing style, but I decided to try something different for this project, and I hope you all like it.
  • About Anna and her dream to open a bookstore; I've had this in mind for her since she was a teen, she wanted to go to university, and I let her go only to let her major in litterature. Since she got pregnant at 19 I figured her dream has been put on hold, and since Anna really isn't the one to nag about lost things, it never made it into her posts.
    She seemed like the perfect sim to meet Samantha on her first day.
  • Anna will say yes to Samantha's idea, the family had enough money to buy the lot, so no problem there, and Bai doesn't seem to have any problems with it.
  • I've scheduled Samantha's update every 2 simsmonths, and I'm going to do my very best to keep up with my own schedule! So we normally have another Samantha update in April 2020.


  1. Wow, that worked out perfectly... I'm so glad that Samantha's experiences in Richmond will be useful for her in your hood, and useful for Anna too.

    So true, even if running away wasn't wrong this time, it wouldn't feel completely right either. I like the way she just sat in the railway station for a while... she really wouldn't know what to do with herself at first. Glad she met up with someone she gets along with so well.

  2. Isn't it great how quickly a bond can form between two strangers?

    It seems realistic that Anna would put her dreams on hold for her kids. I bet she can't hold in her excitement at it finally coming true!

  3. Sounds interesting, can't wait to see what happens with the bookstore. How long is Sam in your hood for?

  4. I wouldn't have thought to pair up Samantha and Anna but now that I've read your update, it really makes sense! I can see why they'd be drawn to become friends - neither of their lives have gone the way they wanted them to!

    I'm excited to see Samantha helping Anna out with her bookstore dream. It'll be fantastic if they can make it happen.

  5. I'm so glad that Samantha has found someone she can talk to, and how perfect for Anna to have this come together for her. The bookstore dream will be great to see happen, and after Samantha has moved on, a nice reminder of her time here.

  6. Ooohh! Samantha is now in Simsville! I can't wait to read about her adventures in yet another new place. Maybe Rocky Cove could one day host Samantha's stories?

    I love the new writing style. It suits the project more I think.

  7. Yay, she's arrived! (I'm so behind on updating my master stories list, lol! I'll get right on that!)

    I'm so glad to see she's made a friend already! I'm hoping she has a nice stay here in SimsVille! Maybe you can keep her out of trouble better than the rest of us have, lol! ;)