Thursday, July 28, 2011

Penninkmeijer-Warner Wedding - March 2020

Little Wedding Chapel - Simmeria
Lawrence Penninkmeijer is 25 and Kenneth Warner is 24
Narrated by Lawrence

After a long and hard search we found the perfect location for our wedding. And even though we broke with tradition and both stayed at our place the night before the wedding, we still needed a moment together before the wedding.
We didn't think we had a lot of guest when planning the wedding, but when they were all seated the church seemed really full.
Finally it was time for Kenneth and me to exchange our vows in front of our loved ones.
We kissed ...
And after that everybody got up and applaued for us.
I was really happy whem mom came to hug me, and said how happy she was to see me this happy. Even dad shook hands with Kenneth and welcomed him into the family.
We didn't want a huge buffet, and having to throw the food away afterwards, so we decided to just stick with the cake.
Everybody seemed to love it. I was a little bit disappointed that Kenneth didn't want to invite any of his collegues, but he said he wasn't working there long enough for him to get close to any of them. I invited my collegue Richard, and his wife Kristiane, and they seemed to have had a good time as well.
Elisa and Johanna seemed to have been able to keep their promise and there were no incidents. They didn't talk but they kept civil.
Mom and dad seemed quite happy with how everything was going at the wedding. Sometimes they seem so in love, even after all these years.
I was just happy they didn't sneak away like Johanna and Jack did! I don't think I would have been able to handle it when I caught my parents in those kind of thing!
Jack and Jo made it back in time for the dancing. The venue we hired wasn't too big, so we had to rearrange some tables to have the space, but it was nice.
I think the dancing must have been a little bit boring for Gabriƫlle, Laura and Morgan, they all came without dates. But they seemed to have kept themselfs busy.
The day after the wedding Kenneth and I went to the ardens for a very short honeymoon. It was only 2 days, but at least it was something.
It's not much, we couldn't afford the Grandosia Hotel, but it's nice to be out, just the 2 of us. The room was nice and cosy.
And the facilities were good as well. There weren't a lot of other guests, but who would go on vacation in the winter?!
We didn't do much. We slept in late, went on an excursion ...
went out to diner ...
we've gotten ourself a masage.
And before we knew it, it was time to check out and head home again.

And here are the posed pictures!!
Some shots of Kenneth and Lawrence.
With Lawrence's parents, Frederik and Bianca.
With all of Lawrence's brothers and sisters; Gabriƫlle, Laura, Morgan, Catherine and Jack!
And last, the bridal party: Harald, Jack, Elisa and Johanna.

  • 1 wedding down, only 2 more to go this round, that is if no one else gets married this round!!
  • The venue turned out great! With some nice surroundings, and even the weatgher was good this time, no rain at all, and it was only March!
    The reception area was a little bit small, especially with all their guests, and the lot visitors inside, but it was good :)
  • Richard and Emily Spits are two of my playable NPC's. Richard and Lawrence both work in adventure (this may change because I don't like that career at all) and they have become very good friends. It was only normal to invite them to the wedding.


  1. What a wonderful wedding! Looks Johanna and Jack enjoyed themselves, I see. ;) And coming to a wedding without a date is more fun when there are at least other people there without dates, so I'm sure Gabrielle, Laura and Morgan weren't too bored!

    I still really love the larger pics! I'm noticing details about your Sims that I never noticed before with the smaller ones. And I have to say that these guys made a very attractive bridal party!

  2. Congratulations to Kenneth and Lawrence! Beautiful wedding and beautiful venue! Ha, at least you know Jack and Johanna liked the venue too. ;)

  3. Great wedding for Kenneth and Lawrence! Love the gold dresses, and lol at Johanna and Jack! I agree with Carla, the larger pictures are great, can really see their expressions and backgrounds all the more.

  4. Thanks for reading and commenting guys!

    Carla I think Jack and Johanna are the kind of couple to be able to have these kind of fun everywhere :)

    I spend most of my time with my simmies, so I don't notice that much new things about them, but I'm glad you're liking to discover some new things :)

    Shana I think Jack and Johanna can like almost any venue with a couch :)

    maisie Ah yes Johanna and Jack, I think that will always be them :)
    Thanks for the feedback on the larger pics!