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Zang 2 - December 2019

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The Zang Family
Wang is 59, Chao is 56, Bai is 27, Anna is 20, Bethany is 3 and Alex is 5 months
(Quan Min is , Chu Min is  and Benny Min is )
Narrated by Anna

Life has been pretty hectic since Alex arrived. He's not a needy baby, but he does need some things, and it's not very easy to combine with school all the time.
 Bai helps out a lot, but he works during the day, so his parents try to help out as much as they can too.
Whenever Bethany is over, there's another one who needs attention. So on his days off, Bai tries to spend as much time with her as he can, since she's not with us all the time.
She's a really sweet kid, and I try to spend time with her as well, it's important for Bai that we get along.
In the mean time, I try to work really hard, I really want to get my diploma next year!
Most of the time I end up having to work at night. I don't want to miss out on anything with Alex, and I like spending time with Bethany, so nights are the only moments I have.
We are so lucky to live with Bai's parents, Chao and Wang are amazing! They help us with the kids, and we hardly ever had to think about getting dinner ready.
Although I hate having to depend on them, I think we might need them some more for the couple of years. I have been sick every morning for a couple of weeks, and since I've gone trhough it all before, I knew I was pregnant again.
It was Bai's job to tell his parents, something like an early Christmas present. Fortunatly they were pretty happy about it. They like being young grandparents.
 And you can see that they are enjoying the time they can spend with them. Even Wang spends time with Alex before he goes to work.
Chao felt really bad when she fell sick with the flu and the to take a lot of rest, and had to keep away from the children.
With Christmas almost here, I took some time to go toyshopping with Bai. We went totally crazy at Belio's Bunk, and bought a lot of things.
On Christmas day we were invited at my parents. They were happy to see Alex again, and mom couldn't get enough of him.
Benny and I were never really close, but I sometimes miss having him around, so I took some time to play chess with him, it was kind of fun.
When it was time for presents, mom and dad surprised both Benny and me with a laptop. They thought we could be need it for school.
Mom even gotten Bethany something, which was something Bai could really appreciate.
We of course had to tell them about the new baby arring in August. I can't say they were thrilled, but I wasn't either when I found out. Dad gave me a hug and told me that if we ever needed anything we should ask.

Their livingroom after Christmas, Bai and Anna really did go crazy at Belio's Bunk. They also got Bethany a toy oven, but that's upstairs in her bedroom, I couldn't find a place to fit it in the livingroom.

  • I was pretty mad that I didn't put Anna on birth control when she gave bith to Alex, because this baby is consieved the day Alex was born! I didn't think it was realistic when I posted Alex' birth and announced in the same post that he was going to get a little borther or sister, so I froze Anna's pregnancy untill now. Like she said herself, this baby is due for August 2020.
  • I made a mistake with the Zang Family, I said that Tosca was due in August 2020, but she's actually due a month earlier, so baby #4 for Tosca and Xun is due in July 2020.
  • This was this round's last update. To finish I'll have my very first round summary, this one will be up in 2 days, and then I'm ready for round 11!


  1. Some sims just don't know when to quit lol. I've had two families that had kids that were 1 year apart so I understand your frustration. Luckily Bai and Anna will have a lot of support and help, which they will need with two babies and a toddler that is in and out. Can't wait to see the baby :)

  2. Oh man, another baby! That's crazy! Realistic enough though, I hope that she remembers that birth control after this one... and doesn't have birth control failure! That'd be something else wouldn't it! I'm glad that her family is supportive of them, despite not being thrilled with another baby on the way. At least Alex will be a toddler at that point.

  3. Woah! Three kids in college! Young parenting seems to be a huge challenge for most couples, but they seem to be getting along quite well. I bet they'll be glad to get their diplomas though.

    Great update! :)

  4. Wow, she's super fertile. Guess the Sim knows best! LOL

  5. Oh my gosh, pregnant again! That's how Sarah got pregnant the second time - I forgot to put her back on birth control! Sarah didn't conceive the day Thomas was born though - she saved that business for later. Catherine was conceived the day Ryan was born!

    It's wonderful that Bai's parents are so supportive though. That would make all the difference in the world to such young parents.

  6. Another baby so soon! It's a good thing they have their parents to help them, because they're going to need it! I love all the Christmas presents in the living room, very cute!

  7. Again? Another baby, yikes! Thank goodness they have supportive parents, it could have been much worse.

  8. Oh wow, that's what happened to Kyle and Willow in my game - they had twins, then conceived a second set of twins, the same evening! In-story, I made them a year apart. It's a good thing they have supportive parents, they're going to need it!

    They did go crazy with the shopping, didn't they? But such a fun Christmas, with kids around.

  9. Haa 2 babies so close together, they must be mad! At least Alex will have a younger brother/sister to play with when he's older.

  10. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone!!

    Mizzgin03 I'm really happy that I decided to move them in with his parents, I don't think they would have handled things very well when they were on their own!
    I'm looking forward to see the baby is well :)

    Maisie It's really crazy, I couldn't believe it myself! But it's, like you said, realisitic enough. I will make sure she remembers birth control after this one!

    coolkat2 They seem to be doing well, I think the fact that they live with his parents might have something to do with it :) I'm sure Anna will be glad when she has her diploma, and can spend some time with her kids, she hasn't had that chance yet.

    HeredonCove Maybe sim knows best, but I'm stupid for forgetting the birth control! LOL

    Carla It was so stupid of me to forget it! The thing is that they didn't even try for a baby, it was risky woohoo :)
    Bai's parents are a huge help at the moment, unlike 4 years ago, when Mariƫtte was pregnant!

    Mandie It's not what I had planned for these 2, but then again, neither was Alex (thank you ROS!) but I'm sure they'll make it work with the help of their parents.
    I had nowhere else to put all those toys LOL

    Apple Valley Yep again :) It could have been twins, but I checket it already 10 times, it's not, which make me really happy :)

    Blackcat Making them 1 year apart is more realistic, I've never heard of a woman conceiving, the same day she gave birth! Silly sims!!
    They had the money to go crazy, so why not :) It's always fun to have kids around with Christmas.

    Roxy I think that's about the only truly good thing about this pregnancy :)