Thursday, April 14, 2011

de Leeuw 1 - October 2018

Elisa's last update/Elisa and Harald's next update/Kenneth's next update

The de Leeuw Family
Harald Jaser is 26, Elisa de Leeuw is 23 and Kenneth Warner is 22
(Lawrence Penninkmeijer is 23)
 Narrated by Kenneth

Even though Lawrence and I are engaged, we desided on living apart after my graduation. There's no specific reason for it, we just thought it would be good. We both aren't partyanimals, and despite the fact that we don't live together we are mostly together when we're not working.
We are getting married one day, we are looking around for good locations. We haven't picked a date yet, we thought to go with the date that suits the location the best. We found this nice church with a great garden, so maybe it will be a spring wedding.
First we need to save some money, we want to be able to buy a house to, so we can move there after the wedding. But to save some money you need to earn it first. I have been looking, and finally got a job at the university as an intern, for now I work at the university mostly, but I hope to get into medical school soon.
Since I don't have the money yet, and there are other priorities at the moment, I try to work hard and keep up with everything.
At the moment I live with Elisa and her boyfriend Harald. We used to live in the same dorm and became really good friends. It's nice that I don't have to live on my own, but on the other; living with a couple sometimes feels like you're getting in the way.
I can't complain about them though. They make sure I can't walk in on anything, and they keep their private things private, which really is a plus.
They go out quite a lot too, which makes it really easy for me to invite Lawrence over whenever I want.
After one of those outings, Elisa came home really excited. She even woke me up, which is something she never does. But when she told me Harald had asked her to marry her, I couldn't blame her for being so happy. I'm really excited for them.
They have been talking about a vacation recently, and since Elisa's mother lives in the Ardens, their engagement would be a nice excuse to go there. Elisa's mother has been asking her to come by and celebrate Christmas with her at the Ardens as well.

  • I have been changing my shedule a little bit, but I really wanted Berend and Larissa to have their children over for Christmas, and so they needed to be in December. Elisa and Harald will pop up in their update when I play them.
  • I know Harald and Elisa haven't been together that long, but they both rolled the want to get engaged, and so I let them. As with Lawrence and Kenneth's wedding, I don't know when they will get married yet, but I think this one will be something for next round.
  • I'm thinking of building a small doctor's office at my university and in ever subhood and main hood, this way my sims won't have to travell all the way to Simmeria when they just need a small check-up. I'm not sure about this yet, but if I do, Kenneth will be the "doctor" for these small offices since I already have 3 doctors at the BDD Hospital in Simmeria.


  1. That church is really pretty, a spring wedding would be gorgeous there. And I love the dress Elisa had on when Harald proposed, it's very pretty!

  2. I agree with Mizzgin03, that dress is really beautiful!

    And wow, roommates that keep their private things private, that's not very common! Kenneth is very lucky :D

  3. I was totally thinking the same thing about how pretty Elisa's dress was! It really is quite a pretty dress, and the perfect one for being proposed in. Looking forward to her wedding, you have lots of weddings to plan!

    I'm guessing Kenneth will move out once Elisa gets married?

  4. I really like that picture of Kenneth and Lawrence checking out the church. I hope they manage to save up enough money to buy a house to start their married life in.

    Elisa looked gorgeous at her proposal dinner! That's a Sentate dress, right? Congratulations to her and Harald!

    I'm really looking forward to both of these weddings!

  5. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Mizzgin I'm planning on redoing it because there are things I don't like about it, it's a maxis one :)
    Elisa's dress is a Sentate, and I think she wears it great!

    Flit that dress is by Sentate at MTS, I loved them all :)
    Kenneth and Elisa are pretty good roommates, neither of the are romance sims, I think it helps a little.

    Maisie I love that dress on Elisa as well. Now I need to find a good one for her to get married in :)
    Yes I know! And I'm no good in at weddings! The last one I had to do I ended up sending the sims on vacation and let them get married there :)
    I think Kenneth is the one who's getting married first, and after that he'll be moving in with Lawrence.

    Carla I hope they do too, but I think they will be renting or otherwise taking out a loan, because I don't see it happen otherwise.

    Elisa's dress indeed is a Sentate dress :)

    I will be putting them into next round's shedule this weekend, then I'll start planning them :)

  6. That church Kenneth and Lawrence were checking out looks beautiful from the outside! It will make for some very nice wedding photos. :)

    Congratulations to Elisa and Harald!

  7. Thanks for reading Shana!

    I like the curch a lot too, but I will be doing some adjustments. I agree with you one the beautifull wedding photos :)