Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthdays - February 2020

Anna never planned to have children at this point in her life, but she has to admit there are some benefits. Since she's not working full time, she has more time to make an appointment with the doctor for check ups.

The downside however is that booyfriend, Bai, can't come along, and she would have liked that since doctor Carette can't be here, and she's kind of nervous to be around a new doctor. Doctor Mishoen understands her feelings, but still needs to examine her. He's glad he can tell everything is fine, and that this new person is very healthy.
While Anna is having a talk with doctor Mishoen, Stella and Nio Terrano walk into the lobby. The two of them had to take some time off from work to come down to the hospital.
They have to wait a little bit before they can visit doctor Mishoen. Anna is a little bit envious that Stella's husband was able to come along, she hates doing things on her own, but she's happy everything is fine with the baby, and that she can go home.
It's already Stella and Nio's 3rd child, so they both know how things work. While Stella is making herself comfortable at the ultrasound machine, Nio greets doctor Mishoen.
Both Nio and Stella are pretty anxious to meet this new baby, and can't wait untill the baby is born. Doctor Mishoen however hopes the baby stays in there as long as needed.
Over in SimsVille, Abby and Reinout's little boy, Brian is turning 1. Both parents and grandparents can't believe it's been a year already.

  • I think Brian looks like his dad, but with his mothers haircolor. I think his nose is from his mother as well. Both parentd have brown eyes, so we know where he got those from. I'm not sure however, this age is pretty hard to see who he looks like the most.
  • I like using my hospital for these kind of updates, I think it looks great! However I almost always tell the same thing :) I really need to start using it for the births as well :)


  1. Ugh, I really need to start using my hospital more, your pics look great! I am just so very lazy lol. Poor Anna, it must suck not to be able to share those moments with Bai. But at least he's just not showing up because he's a tool; that would be even worse. Can't wait to see the new babies!

  2. Brian is super cute!

    LOL, I'm the opposite. I always use my hospital for births but hardly ever for pregnancy updates! But you did get some great shots here.

    Hope Anna's not too sad about Bai not being there at her appointment (though that would suck!). The important thing is that he's there for her in general, and for their child. :)

  3. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Mizzgin03 birhtday-updates are practically the only time I use my hospital, I really should start using it for my births as well :)
    I'm lookinh forward to the babies as well :)

    Carla He is, isn't he :)
    The births are just too much posing, and I suck at that :/

  4. I really liked the picture of Anna walking out of the room, definitely feels like a waiting area, but hey, shouldn't it be overcrowded with extremely long wait times? No? Just my old OB? :)

    It's too bad that Bai couldn't attend the appointment, but I'm glad everything is fine with her baby and Stella's.